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One side of my face is smaller than the other

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Hey guys,


I have noticed recently that the left side of my face is shrinking, but nothing is happening to the right side.  Also I noticed that my neck feels swollen sometimes after I eat, but it does not look swollen.  Sometimes the two sides of my face near the mouth pull down.  At first I thought it was allergies, but now I am thinking it is not allergies.  Could it have something to do with weight loss?  I talked to a nurse and she said it could be a salivary problem.  I talked to my doctor and described the symptoms to him and I asked him point blank, "I think it's allergies, but could it be something else like the thyroid or anything else like that because I don't know I am not a doctor."  He said it is probably allergies, but I have no other symptoms of allergies like a rash.  The allergic symptoms of heart beating fast, and weird sensations in the brain, which I told the doctor about only happen when I eat and I go back for seconds or I eat more than a meal - I have to wait at least 20 minutes after having a snack or a meal and then the allergic symptoms go away.  I am drinking plenty of water, is it all just in my head and I am just losing weight that's it, or could it be more serious.  I can't really get a second opinion.



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Get thee to a specialist!

Not sure where you are, I'm assuming the UK....

Go back to your regular doc and demand testing and/or a referral to a neurologist, etc.

I am in the US.  I am going to my Primary Care Physician, I have been to a Neurologist and they said there was nothing wrong with me.  

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