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one of the greatest moments of my life...

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For like a month and a week, I've been eating 3000 calories a day for recovery. I've gained to 153 lbs. and yesterday was amazing. I know many women would think I'm crazy for getting so excited over this, but yesterday I got my period!!! I'm so happy now it is so great. Should I keep eating 3000 calories a day or should I cut down to like 2500 or something since I got my period?

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Congratulations! That is awesome! You have every right to be proud. I can't offer much advice on the calories but I think perhaps you should continue the higher amount of calories until you see if it stays for a few cycles then lower the calories. I am so happy for you. As uncomfortable and annoying as a period is it really is a gift, it means we as women are healthy and can have babies some day. ((hug))

congrats on getting your peroid! :).. keep up the good work :)

Thank you all so much!

Congratz!!! I hope to get mine back one day as well

YAAAY!! Congratz, drop down to 2700 first, then stay there for a week, to see how you feel on that, and then drop down more if you see fit.

That's amazing...congratulations

Congratulations! I'm proud of you! :)

CONGRATS! I was so happy when I got mine too. Hopefully they keep on coming.

i know you have been struggling with this for a while! so congrats

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