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How often do you pee?

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I've recently upped my water intake significantly. As in, I used to hardly drink any, and now I'm drinking 2-3 liters a day. The only problem is I seem to be going to the bathroom every 30 minutes or so!

 A few days ago I thought I was getting a UTI, so I started with cranberry juice and increased the water again (I'd stopped drinking so much because I was tired of going to the bathroom!). Now all of the UTI symptoms are gone except for the constant bathroom trips. It's not a false sense of having to go, since everything it seems my bladder is full, but I'm just concerned about how often I'm going.

So I suppose my question is: How often do you pee? If you didn't drink a lot of water and then started to like me, did you go a lot more than normal? Since it doesn't hurt/is clear I really don't want to waste my time going to the doctor.


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I've actually wondered about this too.  I drink a lot of water as well and end up going to pee really often which gets really annoying with school and a bit embarrassing as well >_<.  My bladder also seems to be full every time and its always clear and doesn't hurt.

I read somewhere that a symptom of diabetes is excessive thirst followed by peeing or something to that extent so I've been kind of paranoid about that =/

i pee so often it's a wonder i have time for anything else.

pgeorgian, that is so funny. I feel the same way somedays. I drink at least a gallon of water a day and I am always going to the bathroom. When I go for a hour walk sometimes I wonder if I can make it back. The last thing I want is a big wet spot all the way down my pants while cars are going by. Wouldn't that be funny?

I asked my doctor about this once, and he told me that as long as your pee has color to it, your body is using it to get rid of waste from your kidneys.  This is a good thing! He told me that there are two ways to know if you have had enough water that day.  The first is that my the evening your pee should be clean/clear and barely have a yellow tinge, and second that if you wear rings on your fingers that tehy can slide around easily cause that means you are not retaining excess water due to dehydration.

Uh, once an hour easily. When I am dropping water weight it's even more, I peed before a one-hour power yoga class once and with 15 minutes to go I had to leave for the bathroom because my bladder was so full I was nearly crying. It's a PAIN IN THE REAR!! I don't puposely drink huge amounts of water either, usually just with meals and to take my vitamins twice a day, sometimes when I work out. It's not tiny amounts coming out either, I go for long periods of time, check the watch, go some more.

Good to know I'm not the only one. I'm a total internet-hypochondriac and started freaking about Diabetes, Water Diabetes, and Kidney Infections because it just seems to be non-stop. I heard that when you up your water intake, though, that urinating is more frequent. I was also carrying some water weight after strength training on Monday.


Thanks for the input! Now I'm relieved, just annoyed at getting up so often!!!

As you have recently increased your water intake significantly, having to go pee every 30 minutes - 1 hour is normal.  I remember when I first started drinking my 8 glasses of water per day I seriously considered re-decorating my bathroom since I was spending so much time in it!  The trips to the bathroom will decrease in time - your body will adjust to the water intake.

Original Post by lalalexi:


Thanks for the input! Now I'm relieved, just annoyed at getting up so often!!!

 Ha ha....relieved! More ways than one!

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heh, i was worried too since my father has diebetes, and one of the signs of early stages of it is excessive bathroom use. scary!

but as long as you're eating healthy an dieting there's really no need to worry!

Same here, except I always feel like everyone at work is like "Is she going to the bathroom AGAIN?"  Like they think I have a bowel problem or am cutting out for smoke breaks or something....I'm sure they don't even notice, but that's what I think....

I go like once an hour, and I drink about 2L of water alone per day, plus whatever other liquids I fancy.

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It's probably because you're making up for hunger by filling your stomach with water. I do it too.

Helio- I certainly do not!


Thanks for the responses everyone. I figured my body is just cleansing itself. I cut down on chugging water and the flow has slowed! Haha.

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Do you guys really drink 3 liters of water a day?

SurprisedThat's more than 12 cups! Not to mention the water you're getting from the foods and any other liquids you eat/drink. I just read an article about how people worry too much about drinking 8 servings of water a day when you get a good bit from foods and other drinks.

I really can't drink that much water. To me, it's really unnatural to go to the bathroom every 30 minutes...that would be a bad sign if you had anything else wrong with you, so why drink THAT much water? If you feel thirsty/dehydrated, I can understand, but otherwise? It seems like "overhydration" to me.

I just had a friend over and she drinks tons of water every day and has been for a long time. In the few hours she was here she went to the bathroom 3 times! I don't have that kind of time! Laughing  Since I got on here I've upped my water intake a lot, but if I'm feeling good during workouts, my pee looks OK, and I'm not thirsty, I'm not forcing myself to drink all day long.

Same here! Don't worry, its normal. You're body will get used to it.

i drink 2x 1.5 litre bottles a day, plus a few glasses, so always over 3 liters. I pee frequently.

If you are concerned check the colour. If its dark yellow you are dehydrated, should be a pale yellow. if its clear yes you are probably drinking more than you need. Dont worry about people telling you you can get water poisioning, you would need to consume a good gallon to wash the electrodes and minerals out of your body.
i've been drinking alot of water lately, and I usually don't. but i'm glad to know, that peeing alot after trying to get rehydrated isn't such a problem.


i found when i started upping my water from 1 glass a day straight up to 6/8 i was peeing all the time!! like literally every 30mins. its been a few months now and its settling down, it was once an hour and now its nearer once every hour and a half. i think your bladder just has to get used to it lol!

I also just started drinking way more water and I pee about once every 30 minutes (though the feeling of having to pee comes on about every 15!).  I'm not worried though because I've upped my water intake in the past and evertime it's the same.  I just have a problem with sticking to drinking this much water...normally I only keep at it for a couple of weeks and then go back to soda or other drinks.  My husband drinks water constantly and has since I met him and he never pees as much as I have this past week.  He can drink bottle after bottle of water on long car rides and keep going for hours.  I couldn't even drink a bottle of water without having to pee at least twice within the next hour! I stick to soda or no drinks at all on long car trips (which I don't suggest by the way! I drove from Louisiana to PA and back again last Christmas with nothing to drink but Diet Pepsi and ended up with a bladder infection a week later...I definitely think that was why). 

I am with you pgeorgian!! All the freakin' time!  Cool

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