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I apologize in advance if I am offending anyone with this question.  I assure you it is just a question that just occured to me.

I have been reading the health and support forum and there are alot of posts with regard to constipation.  One would think that increasing fiber and water intake would help one overcome problems with constipation ...

... Does anyone think, that in changing your diet in that you have increased your fiber intake and IF you are actively dieting, that there is a corralation ?  In other words, one restricts calories and henceforth some food(s) (concionsly or subconciously), some foods may be left out, but one is taking in more than adequate amounts of fiber (up to 30 mg) and water (at least 64 oz.). 

I am sorry if I offend anyone - NOT my intention, I am sorry.  It just occured to me that the posts usually inicate plenty of fiber and water - but what about enough food ?

Thanks in advance!  I am looking foward to insight on this topic.
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I don't think that's an offensive observation.  My conclusions are similar... ie. it's the quantity of food that counts as well as just the fibre content.

If you took it to extremes, for example, someone taking their daily dose of fibre in a tablet form and washing it down with several litres of water... would they be 'regular'.  Answer is very obviously no because they're not eating anything to be processed in the gut and to emerge the other end.   And if someone is doing the same thing  - fibre supplements and the water - with a highly restricted, lightweight diet on top, the answer is still no for almost the same reason. 

I don't think everyone falls into that category, however.  There are other reasons for constipation besides a poor or insufficient diet.

With me the constipation was caused by not eating enough fat. I had the fibre, the water, the bulk, but not the fat.

hmmmm....I'm having issues with the "C" word right now too. I don't eat alot of fat (usually 15% of daily intake), perhaps I should increase it? I cut out bananas because I thought they were the culprit but I would love to eat them again.

A balanced diet - which should prevent constipation - should include about 25-30% of its calories in the shape of fats and oils.  Add back the fats and if the problem clears up then you know the bananas weren't to blame.
Original Post by babybelly1:

hmmmm....I'm having issues with the "C" word right now too. I don't eat alot of fat (usually 15% of daily intake), perhaps I should increase it? I cut out bananas because I thought they were the culprit but I would love to eat them again.

Don't bananas help with constipation? o.o

Nope, too much potassium can cause constipation.

I definitely think some of the problem can be not eating enough food in general. I get plenty of fiber and water, since I'm a fan of rice and beans and use Metamucil as a supplement when I come up short. But since I restrict to 1200-1400 calories and get very little fat in my diet, I experience issues with constipation. So lack of food to be passing and restrictions on fat are very possibly the problem for many posters. But many other posters may not get enough fiber if they are restricting calories/food and the foods they choose aren't high enough in fiber. It can be hard to get enough fiber on a lean and portion restricted diet of fish, meat, or poultry, even if it includes whole grains.

I don't have any answers, but I for the first time in my life I actually experienced constipation.  I have had nothing but diarrhea for the last 10 years due to Crohn's, and would wish many times that I could be constipated (usually after my 25th visit to the toilet in 8 hours).  I am not sure if it is because of the change in diet, or that my Crohn's is behaving for the first time and my bowel does not know how to work normally anymore or something else.  My Dr was worried that I was obstructing! now that is a scary thought.

So which do I prefer? I definitely prefer the constipation, at least this way I can get a full nights sleep, although I did perfect sleeping on the loo in 10 min slots lol.

Wow, just think what it would be like to be normal!

Thank You All for the responses.  I think many can start helping themselves for being to shy to ask a relatively embarrasing question ...  YAY !  This really is great.

So, it seems that people with restricted diets are missing food (bulk) or foods (nutrients) to make the bowel regular.  Some even have a medical condition - something for people to explore.

spankyraven:  You have had a medical condtion that really turned.  Are you okay - now ?

Okay, now, who thinks constipation could be a food that has been incorporated into their "new" diets ?

I think I am doing better, but last time I was really sick I was working full time and doing everything at home (hubby at uni).  Now I am not working, and have a house keeper, so I don't do anywhere near the amount of activity that I used to.  That's the bonus of working so hard for so many years to put my Beloved through university.  I have not been able to go to the gym for the last 4 days, I have not even been able to get out of bed.  I am going back to the Dr tomorrow, and we will go from there. 

Anyway, I will let you know how I go.  Thanks for asking xox.

i definately agree with the "not enough fats" comment.
people usually jump on the assumption that all you need is fiber to move the bowels.  well i know everything i eat is high in fiber and i still have issues with always doing number 2 on a daily basis.  i find if i feel blocked up, sometimes i will resort to unhealthy fat to get some relief and it works.  getting enough fat/protein is chore to me...sigh i'm a carb gal.

Funny that you all are talking about this. I have been supper strict for the past week. I have been eating so good, high fiber, lots of water, protien, but little fat. Prior to starting this new way of eating I would go to the br about 3 times a day (about normal my whole life). In the last week I have had a bit of trouble. Just before lunch today I was telling my friend that I needed to go eat a little fast food for relief. I did go eat a small bit of fast food and I feel much better. I think this constipation thing has a lot to do with fat content for many people.

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