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Why am I never full after meals ?

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I never seem to be full after meals unless their quantities are redicculus. I also can't help myself snacking lots during the day, even if I do have fruit I have crisps and sometimes noodles aswel (my biggest cause for all the fat on my small frame -especially around my stomach which makes me look pregnant as it is quite hard and then a thick layer of fat ). Can anyone tell me what's going on ?
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Have you recently increased your exercise or changed an old habit?

You aren't getting enough nutrients. Try a meal with 50% veggies, 25% meat, 25% starch and some fruit on the side. You will feel very full and not even think about dessert. 
Some low fat dense protien with your meal as well as a big salad or big pile of steamed veggies might help.

Maybe you've programmed yourself to be that way! Out of habit.

Try to resist snacking so much. Plan it out more.

When you finish eating, leave the room you ate in. Do something, busy yourself. Whenever I find myself craving something sweet after dinner I do pilates for 15 min. then I completely forget about eating!

But for the most part, I'm exactly the same. All day long I do what my parents used to call "grazing". They call me a "grazer" all I do is constantly hit up the pantry. Handfull of peanuts, bags of fruit snacks, graham crackers etc... I can't stop it!

Your best advice is STAY BUSY!!

I find that carbs just tend to make you more hungry for them, as do refined sugars of any kind. I try to go for fiber (veggies) cuz they fill you up and are nice and low calorie! Learn to like them if you want to lose weight *chuckles* Fruits are good, but watch the sugars in em'....crisps are nothing but carbs with salt = makes you more hungry & causes water retention.  I go for lean meats like boneless skinless chicken breast, 90 or 95% lean ground beef or fish (shrimp are low cal too!). So good luck, and eat the right things, and you won't be interested in seconds!
I generally eat lots of veg - around 2/3 of my plate in dinner is veg with 1/3 carbs and 1/3 protein. But the size of my meals are quite big - bear in mind i am only 9 stone however probably should be something more like 7 and a half for my frame - I can actually see where if my fat was "erased" my flat stomach would be ! Its the same for my thighs
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try eating foods with a large water content. For example: cucumber. If you peel and eat a whole one you are only consuming about 50 calories! Add a cucumber salad (with fat free ranch) to some lean meat or fish and you have a great, LARGE, but low in calories meal. Also, try chewing gum instead of snacking during the day.

Yes - Someone was just saying watch out for the fruit which i try to do as all the fructose in them bloats me and gives me sometimes quite terrible pains in my stomach. For my 5 a day - (which i maintain) i try to have 2 fruit 2 veg and 1 juice (ie cranberry is my favourite - only ones with no added sugar in)


hmmm, I like the cucumber salad idea, I haven't tried that one yet :)

Interesting post. I've never really thought about it this way, but I don't think the goal to eating is to get "full". And, just as we shouldn't wait until we're feeling "hungry" to eat, we shouldn't wait until we're "full" to stop.

Just some thoughts. 

I saw this on tele the other night, and thought it was kind of interesting.  If correct, I think it would go a long way to explaining why the high protein diets tend to work. 08.htm

If you're not getting enough protein in your diet, it could also explain why you're constantly feeling hungy.

 Do you drink water while eating? If I drink water while eating, I get full. If I don't, I don't. Maybe you coudl give it a shot.
What I do, especially if it was a "cheat" meal, and I am still feeling like I want to grab a whole plate full of seconds, I go to the sink and drink enough water until my stomach hurts. I definitely feel full after that and can't even think about eating anymore. Plus it washes out the flavor of the food from your mouth and you stop craving more of that delicious flavor. It's pretty much the only thing that helps me when I feel like I want more. Plus water is good for you=) Maybe you don't need to go to the extent of making it hurt, but for me, it makes my stomach tell my brain to stop. Good luck.
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