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Neti Pot doesn't work???

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I searched the forums but only found one post on neti pots...and it didn't have was I was looking for.

So anyway, sometime last year after Dr. Oz showed a Neti Pot on Oprah, I immediately got online and ordered one for myself.  I have HORRIBLE allergies and have been to an allergy specialist since I was 5 (I'm now 27).  I even went to an ENT Dr. that thought taking my tonsils out at age 25 would help - it didn't help and it was horrible!! : (  He said I have the worst allergies he has ever seen (although I feel like he tells a lot of people that...).  Okay back to my question...  Last night, after probably a year of having this neti pot, I finally got up the courage to try it.  I hate water up my nose : (  Well I put it in the right side and timed it.  It literally took 60 seconds before the water started to trickle out the left side.  And a "trickle" was all I got.  Then I tried the left side, hoping to have better luck.  It was OVER 60 seconds and NOTHING would come out of the right side.  It was pretty uncomfortable as well.  I could feel the saline solution (warm temp) in my sinuses but it just wouldn't come out.  Did I do something wrong??  I tried to google it but the best answer I found was that if you're swollen, it won't come out.  So should I try it again or just give up and know that a neti pot is not for me?  I don't have a sinus infection or even bad allergies at the moment.  In fact, yesterday was a good day for me!  So I thought that things would have been clear enough to work when I tried it last night.

Any help on this is greatly appreciated!!!

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That sounds appalling.  What is it meant to do?  A kind of colonic irrigation for the nasal passages?   My doctor recommended something very simple that has helped me with sinus trouble for years... the old trick of putting your head in a steam 'tent' made by a towel over a bowl of hot water and a few drops of Olbas Oil.   Would have thought that was a lot less invasive than trying to drown yourself nasally...

nonon gi-jane neti pots are a gift from heaven.

It may take a few times for the solution to fully circulate through the sinuses. Keep trying, and maybe tip your head to the side just a little more. I know it's uncomfortable but in the long run it will help so much. I'm a singer and I do it the week before a performance just to scare away my seasonal allergies!

I dont have terrible allergies but my best friend does and shes allergic to everything except mold and dogs. Since i can remember every spring time she would look dead and swollen almost everyday and extremely congested. About 3 years ago she started getting allergy shots from her dr and it has helped her greatly. I noticed this spring i started to get a little runny from the barely there pollen allergy that I have and I realized she hadnt started with her allergies yet. So i can say that they do work, but it does take some time and is a long process.

You should watch the video on how to use it.

I love my neti pot. It was intimidating at first, but I just watched the video before using it the second time & I was set. I found it easier to use so long as I relaxed and kept a sense of humore about it.  I had a trickle too at first because I was so CLOGGED. :(

Thanks for your help, everyone!!

Looks like I just need to keep trying it.  I will give it another shot tonight!!

I personally have found the idea disconcerting at best, but my mother uses neti pot and loves it! Maybe you are SO congested that it just won't go through your nasal passages, but I would try it again. Good luck!

I love my neti.

Youtube it and watch the videos.

I got one today, because all my friends swear by them. i am in the same boat with you but i actually did it 5 time for a total of 20 minutes before it "flowed properly." I can say now that i was able to breath normally for 1 minute until the pollen took back over. A 20-1 cost benefit ratio obviously is not a sign of success. I can see this being a useful tool for someone who just has a stuffed up nose. i will continue to use it with real medicine ie western medicines heavy decongestants. 

My old allergist told me that I was one of the worst that he had seen in his 40 years of practice. He was one of the founders of allergy medicine and i had no idea until after he passed away.

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