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Need OA sponsor!

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    I'm trying to find an OA sponsor. When I did a search nothing for OA came up.

    Brief food history on me. Developed anorexia between 11 and 12, almost went into a diabetic ccoma at 25 due to extremely low blood sugar, August 2006 had a heart attack from loosing 65lbs in 2 months. November-December 2006 checked myself into Rader (Pacific Shores Hospital) a complete inpatient program. April-June 2007 noticed starting to relapse, did outpatient program near house--Rebecca's House. I am finally coming out of denial that I made the jump from anorexia to binge and overeating (I am not purging).

    I have done the first step's of OA. I need a sponsor for step's 2-12. If this is not the right group to post this request in, can you please tell me where I should post it?


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Its great that you are reaching out for help and support.  You can't find an OA site on Web at all?  I have found one before.  You don't have an OA group in your physical area?  I am not good sponsor material though you are more than welcome to send me messages.  Some years ago I attended OA meetings and I am much better for having done so.  You can always go to AA or other 12-step meetings.  You sound like you are working hard on taking care of you- congrats on that.   I just wanted to answer you cause its important for you to know that you are not alone.  I struggle every day with my addiction to sugar.  I am sorry your journey has been so tough.  Good luck on finding an OA member to help you out.  Like I said, if I can do anything for you, just holler.  I'll do my best.

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