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nausea/vomiting after eating?

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kind of hesitant to post this but its NOT intentional. For the past couple of days after eating I've gotten a really sick feeling in my stomach that leads sometimes to throwing up (and not like completely ridiculous quantities of food.. today it happened after eating salad, veggies and roasted potatoes with coffee/cappuccino, yesterday it happened after eating 1/3 bag of chips with salsa and cheese). I had the same sort of thing a couple of months ago that lasted a couple of weeks and i went to the doctors for x rays but didnt find anything, and it doesnt feel like a flu/cold because its just after I eat and i'll start to feel sick and then whatever i just ate will be back in my mouth (sorry.. gross) anyone had any (non intentional non induced) experiences of the same sort or suggestions?

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well have you ever had an eating disorder or do you? sometimes there can be vomitting to rid food subconsciencly- it is a real eating disorder -harder to diagnose though . ive seen it before in dance. i mean some people pretend they dont know but theyre are those that do it uncontrollably per se even though your mind is controlling it. if that makes sense to you. ( im not accusing you dont worry lol)

You mentioned dairy in both things listed. Is it possibly some kind of lactose intolerance?

are you stressed at all?

sometimes i get the same way... when i was 9, i was diagnosed with a "pyloric spasm" which is sort of an under-developed ulcer. basically, it's like acid reflux... totally sucks.

mostly had to do with stress. tricks that i found helped me and help me to this day:

chewing gum, drinking carbonated water, staying clear of all greasy/fast foods and starchy carbohydrates (ie potatoes)  


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i was thinking acid reflux too even if it isnt so much 'acid-like' perhaps?

Are you eating to the point of being full and then exercising?  I know that sometimes a super hard work out after eating too recently can be like that for me.

I have had that before.  I never vomited, but there was a period of a couple weeks where eating just about anything made me feel nauseas. It might be a bug or something.  Never figured out what caused it for me, but I'm glad it's gone :)


Hopefully yours will go away too!  


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I have had stomach issues for the past 6 years and it sucks.  I had a couple of dieticians who would tell me that the vegetables are hard to digest with a sensitive stomach (will cause discomfort and maybe diarrhea) and should stay away until eating is stabilized (until no nauseau, no vomiting with several days of normal digestive functioning).  She would also tell me that the caffeine is very detimental for eating when having stomach problems; it causes irritation in the digestive system and will keep you from eating correctly--i.e. suppresses your appetite and causes more acid. NOT GOOD; it's best to eat more in the morning and less the rest of the day but my dieticians have also said eat small meals throughout the day if possible until the disruption goes away or if you wanna lose weight.  The heated and spicy aspect of salsa would also cause irritation in stomach lining, etc.  

I was hospitalized twice, where one hospitalization lasted for four days and the other for five days for hyper-style and non-stop vomiting.  The doctors could not find the cause.  My med school friends also have told me that hospitalization is a severe thing and were very worried about me. 

The dieticians I saw were exclusive ones from Newport Beach (south OC)--one was featured in People Magazine and gave eating advice to Hollywood stars and the other was booked for months and would not see new patients unless recommended by one of her colleagues--MD's, clinics, etc.  

All my doctors and dieticians felt I had an eating disorder but i started seeing a shrink, who told me that she did not believe that I had one.  The doctors and dieticians recommended drinking soy milk, taking "Mother's" vitamins (a health food market chain in south orange county), BRAT diet when sensitive (bread-rice-applesauce-toast).  BRAT is key for feeling better, especially with a sour stomach.


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My girlfriend has a problem very similar to that. It is something called rumination syndrome. Its a chronic illness many times mistaken for an eating disorder that is more often commonly found in infants but at times can affect older people. She went to a hospital in Ohio and they fixed her up well with no surgery, just alot of stomach exercises and stomach training. If this problem persists you should look into that.

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Thanks for sharing your info.  Would like to know if your friends symptoms are similar to my 13 year old daughter's?  She got a stomach flu in jan '08 which caused her to vomit all night and into the next day.  She seemed well the next day but vomited 1/2 to 2/3rds of everything she ate and drank and has been for 2 years now.  Drs in multiple hospitals including Mayo Clinic haven't been able to find anything wrong with her.  Mayo says it's rumination syndrome/diaphraghm spasms but they don't have physical proof of that.  She's tried all kinds of meds and breathing/relaxation therapy, bio feedback, accupuncture, accupressure, diets, food avoidance, eating small meals, eating bland meals, etc. recommended by 20+ Drs, GI Specialists, nutritionalists, psychologists has done any good.  They say she does not have an eating disorder.  It's totally involuntary and occurs about 10to 45 mins after she eats at most every meal or drink  greater than 1/8 cup - even water.  She has no nausea or pain and no sense of when the vomiting will occur.   Can you give me more info about the Drs. that helped your friend in Ohio? 


Any chance that you are taking a fiber supplement? Too much soluble fiber, combined with not enough extra water can plug the outlet of the stomach. It usually happens with supplements, and is not common due to whole foods that have fiber.

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Hey Ker!! Yes I have had the same experiences...the regurgitation, and it was my gall bladder!!! It can cause nausea/vomiting, feeling full, etc. I will need to have it removed. If that is the case, I can tell you what the doctors told me!! stay away from fats, butter, oil, fried foods, and eat low fat foods, like fresh fruits and veggies, baked chicken breast with no skin, etc. And to eat smaller meals more frequently throughout the day. I never thought it would be my gall bladder! I was thinking it was my stomach/acid reflux/Gerd. Happy to answer any other questions you may have if I can!!

This happens to me as well. I used to purge after eating on purpose, however I am finding that my stomach literally cannot hold certain foods sometimes (this has not gone away for me yet). And NO I do not do this on purpose anymore. It's terrible. Regurgitation of this sort can happen even after I eat just a simple salad or watery fruits. I get scared to eat certain foods in fear that this will happen. I'm not really sure what to do about it either...ugh. I've been to so many doctors and even had a scan of my stomach, but I still don't know why this happens. It is so stressful and is causing my body damage..

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Hey Kelsey! Im in the same boat you are! I understand the fear that comes with food now..Try this!! baked potato with no skin, applesauce, yogurt, toast, bananas,  in small amounts, thats whats been helping me. If you read my post earlier, I just went to the doctor and they checked my gall bladder, and that was what was causing the reguritation, its not functioning very high, so I needto have it removed!! but have you had that checked out? I thought it was my stomach, acid reflux/Gerd, but turns out it was my gall bladder! Never would have guessed!  And dont be afraid, if you need it removed, you can live without it. :) The doctor told me low fat foods, small amounts, its kinda hard to stick to, but it helps!! 

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