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Why must I eat everything until its gone?

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Why must I eat everything until its gone? Today I ate an entire pan of grapenut pudding because i just wanted it out of my fridge. I eat things just so that I can take them out of the cabinets. My mom just wont stop buying more food! We have too much food! I have to eat it all so it will be gone!

Am I alone?

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I am the exact same way. If there is a loaf of bread in the pantry, or the jar of peanut butter/applesauce/cereal/yogurt is within 1/4 left, I will just eat it to get rid of it. I hate it! I don't overdo it, but i limit my variety that way...
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Portion foods before storing them. It's much easier mentally to eat a bag of doritos than to eat a similar amount of doritos in smaller bags.

Also, putting a note on your fridge door may be helpful, or a picture of a dress you're dying to fit into! That way you'll have motivation not to overeat, and the reminder will be staring you in the face when you reach for that grapenut pudding (never heard of that food, either, heh!).

It may seem overexcessive at first, but it takes a while to stop bad habits. Consistency and self control are the keys! Good luck. :)
this sounds like a type of Eating Disorder.

if you are eating something because it is there and distracts you from doing other things, or is an emotionally charged reaction, you may want to consider councelling.

this seems to be a type of binge eating disorder.

you have possibly denied/deprived yourself of something and this is how you react to it...

next time you have the urge to do this; listen to music, read a book, watch tv, go for a walk/run, surf the internet, something to get your mind off the week old casserole in your fridge... you may possibly be bored and just looking for something to entertain yourself.

and if it bothers you that much, get rid of it... seriously get rid of it, throw it out, flush it down the toilet, pour bleech on it... if it is distracting you to the point where you can't get things done, then remove the problem.
I re-read your post, and it deffinately sounds like you have an Eating Disorder.. food is controlling your life, and the idea of food/eating/weight or whatever is consuming you.

this is not normal.

normal people can take a cookie, and eat it... they do not polish of the whole bag because it is there.

my guess is that you have put some foods "off limits" so it makes them that much more intriguing... think "the forbidden fruit effect".. once something is not allowed, you want it more.

solve the problem; treat yourself everynow and again.. do not deprive yourself... have a treat, keep it portion controled, eat it, enjoy it and move on with your life.

Hmmm... I'm not sure if you are eating it because you tell yourself you don't want it to go to waste or you literally sit down and eat something until it's all gone just because "it's there".

Either way, it's not good. But I can give you a tip about the whole "guilty about waste deal. I usually plan weekly meals around what I know is going to expire soon or what is "leftover" in the fridge. I call it my "use it or lose it" plan. So, if that package of ground beef and those potatoes are going to go bad soon, guess what's in my meal plan for the week. But I don't "force myself" to sit down and eat the whole thing in one sitting if the amount is clearly way more than I should. I'll eat it several times during the week if I have to.

If your problem is just "eating it because it's there", you have to keep telling yourself, you will not starve, "there's more where that came from, it'll BE there" and even if it's not there is tons of great stuff you'll have to eat by the next mealtime, especially if your mom keeps it stocked.

Its almost like, you don't have to BUY that purse/pair of shoes/whatever it is that you see, just because it's there and you like it, you WILL see another pair next week that you fall in love with just as much (I promise).

Trust me, I had the SAME problems (both) in high school, my aunt had to sit me down and talk to me about it. It's called "Impulse Control" and it applies to LOTS of different things in life, but managing it puts YOU in control, not your impulses.

Good Luck.

you're not alone! i know what that feels like =( but what i find helps is when i tell myself "it will still be there tomorrow" so that way i don't HAVE to eat it right that moment you know! i've also started to go to my room and close my door, so that way the kitchen won't taunt me haha. plus i get a lot of studying done, and my room is finally clean ^^ hehe.

Ths may be off base, but it could also be a {somewhat different} form of OCD, do you have any other OCD {Obsessive compulsive} type behaviors. It isn't always about germs or handwashing., it can take many different forms}

It could be a compulsion that when ever you start eating anything you can't stop until it is gone, as you feel a compulsion to always empty the container. 

Just a thought. it may be something worth looking into
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Ok - now that the grapenut pudding is gone DO NOT EVER buy it/make it again.   That goes for what ever else you can not controll yourself with.  Seriously, only buy stuff that you can controll your eating.  Also - go to Trader Joes . . . buy yourself stuff you have never had before & follow the Amount Per Serving suggestion. 

Make the Amount Per Serving your new religion & try to stick to 2000 cal diet.   You can do it - you will not waste food because it wont be around to waste.  You wont be full & you'll never be stuffed BUT you will lose weight.
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Oh forgot 1 thing. . . Go Target & buy the cheap $5 food scale.  It was the best advice ever told to me.  So I thought it right to pass the message on to you
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