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Multi-Vitamins for Young Women

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Hey Guys! I'm a 19 year old female looking for a good brand of multi-vitamins. Do you guys have any recommendations? I was checking out the One-a-day teen advantage for her, but i think those are targeted for 13-18 year olds. What do you think??

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If you have a reasonably healthy diet with plenty of variety, five-a-day minimum fruit and veg and you have no medical conditions, you're not pregnant and you're not over 50 years old, then you don't really need supplements.... In fact, most of their contents will end up passing straight through your body and into the toilet as surplus to requirements.   

I read in the paper earlier this year that multivitamins are not beneficial unless you take them everyday for a minimum of 2-5years. Now that's just crazy. The tablets are packed with over 100% RDA of most of the vitamins and your body just cant process it all. I agree with gi-jane. No need. Eating food is more fun anyways Wink

I'm not sure of the details but I can't imagine that a multivitamin/mineral supplement could harm you.  I suppose if it's not useful than it's just money down the drain. 

I do take a multivitamin and have always taken either Centruim or One-A-Day, just look for something with Calicum.

I'm a 22 y/o female and have been taking NatureMade multivitamins every day for over 4 years now.  They are easy on my stomach and I take them right before bed, with plenty of water.  My roomate takes 2 Flinstone chewable vitamins every day (one in the morning and one at night).  The brand is really a matter of preference, but I say go with one that has 100% RDA for most of its contents.

In reply to the previous posts - I also try to have a healthy diet, but I see multivitamins as an added benefit and an easy way to get some nutrients that I may have missed that day.  It is my personal suggestion, and many doctors, that taking a multivitamin once-a-day is good for overall health.

I am also 19 and found that taking nature made multi  vit. soft gel for her hasn't hurt my stomach or anything. I take that everyday and a calcium with magnesium. My doctor told me most importantly to take the calcium since at our age is the best time to reinforce our bones. Make sure if you do get a multi vit that it has a high amount of calcium and vit K and D.

I keep an eye on my daily intake of vitamins in the analysis section of CC, and supplement only if I'm low and don't have the calories left to get the nutrients through food. I take a kids multivitamin if I'm low on C or A, a Tums if I'm low on calcium, and eat some Fiber 1 if I'm low on iron.

Overdoing it on iron CAN have negative consequences, which is why I stay away from daily multivitamins- they have 100% of your daily iron, and I tend to get 60-100% without paying attention to it.

The only reason I'm looking into a multivitamin is because my college's dietician recommended I take one at this age for reassurance. I have a very healthy diet so I guess I don't really need it. hmm... but it doesn't hurt right?

I think I'm going to start taking women's one-a-day. And i just wanted to say thanks for all of your replies.

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I am 24f and take a Natures Made womans multi vitamin(also) and a B vitamin Complex..  The B helps me get an energy boost in the middle of the day and also keeps me from getting fever blisters!  :D

5 servings of veggies a day will do wonders, broccoli has calcium and a ton of other vitamins and minerals.

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