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I just found out that she passed away, 4/05/12 suddenly due to complications of anorexia.....please pray for her family. She was bright loving and very funny and bubbly.Remember on our paths to fitness and health that we are keeping it healthy!! Please if you know anyone with signs or symptoms of an eating disorder do NOT ignore it! They need help, I read that 20% of people with Anorexia Nervosa die......Stargirl had just turned 18 in February.Cry

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This terrible disease! I am so shocked and saddened by this news - I really thought she was doing better recently. Her poor family...

To everyone with an ED, this could happen to all of us if we don't do something about it. There is never any sense to be made out of the death of a young girl, but if others can see the warning and get better, then she's still helping others.

R.I.P Samantha.

Samantha was honestly one of the first people who motivated me to take my life into my own hands, and start eating again. I remember she would keep encouraging me to increase my calorie intake when I first started gaining weight last August. When I told her that she was an inspiration to me, she seemed surprised but I can honestly say she was. I left CC for a bit because I started struggling again, and have only logged on again in the last few days. This is my first post back - I can't believe that she is gone - it's so unfair that this illness can take away lives. If anything I hope we can all take her memory with us into the future and let it help us fight our own struggles. Rest in peace Samantha - while we won't have a 'reunion' like you suggested to me once, I won't forget your inspirational words. My thoughts are with you and your family.

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This is such sad news. I am truly sorry to hear this. Samantha will be missed, she was so positive and caring and helped so many people here.

My deepest condolences to Samantha's family and friends. God bless.


Samantha and I were very close online friends. We chatted for hours on Facebook, sent messages back and forth on CC for recovery advice, and it breaks my heart to know our last conversation happened just two days before her death. We were talking about recovery, and she told me how much it meant to her to recover. She was worried for all the girls out there who were struggling, but couldn't see that SHE was one of them. Oh Samantha, I'm so sorry I couldn't do anything. I will never delete our messages, we had so many deep conversations, you were so smart. Let's all try our hardest to recover... for her.  

I feel sick, cant believe this, such a beautiful girl, i feel so sad and angry at the same time, Rest in peace little Angel xxx


I never spoke to her but I have seen some of her posts and she seemed like such a lovely girl. This is such sad news and it makes me want to get better even more now. RIP stargirl xxxx

Please please do!! If anything Sammie would've wanted her death to help others get over ED. I know she did NOT want to die, she had plans, a future. Please don't let ED take yours too!

Yes!!! Do it for her!! I personally do not have an ED, or know the hell it can be. But from read Sammie's post's it has to be extremely hard to say the least. I have started a monthly donation i nher name to the National Eating Disorder Association NEDA.....please please the message I received from her mother/father whomever sent that message letting us know of her passing......GOD my heart broke. Keep the strength!!! Do it for Samantha!!

This is my first post in ages on CC. I'm shocked by this. We've had some long conversations and trust me, Samantha's a FIGHTER.

i was close online friends with samantha too. we talked so much and she was honestly one of the first people who helped me start and continue my recovery and i cant thank her enough. when i got the cc message i started crying and my mom heard me and read the message and cried with me. she was so young and so smart and she was my friend. i cant believe shes gone :/ RIP sam and i will continue praying for her family <3

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fleurfairy Anytime you need to talk about it let me know....

Emily, thank you so much. I will keep that in mind thank you. And I hope you are ok x

I just got the message. I do not know what to feel. Very sad, I feel like I had failed her as a friend even though I lived so far away from her she did not need to die at such a young age in such a way. I will miss her.

I feel so very sad. 

I didn't know her really well, but she was a supporter of mine and I supported her back. I saw she was getting to 3000 on calorie camp most days, and was so proud of her, and happy for her. It's such a shame :( And agreed with all of the other posters, pray for her family, and don't ignore the signs of an eating dissorder. It can be avoided. 

RIP <3

Just read she died 4/05/12. I thought she may have just stopped using calorie count. I couldn't have imagined that this is why she stopped posting her eats. It's honestly tragic. My condolences to anyone who knew her and was close with her. I wasn't very close with her, but we supported each other and she was lovley in her past replies to me. Hers were some of the ones that helped me the most actually. 

I honestly think this thread should be stickied. Not only to remember Star, but to remind those out there who are struggling that the path can end sadly. Star wanted to help people... and in her death, she can still do that.

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I honestly think this thread should be stickied. Not only to remember Star, but to remind those out there who are struggling that the path can end sadly. Star wanted to help people... and in her death, she can still do that.

I'll second this. 

stargirl was truly a star. she has helped me and so many others. her death just goes to show how dangerous this disease is. rest peacefully, darling <3

Its such a shame to hear of things like this happening...

It only makes it more real of what can happen with ED's

Again to all those out there struggling with an ED, please KEEP strong. And if we can learn anything from Samantha, is to eat healthy, and get help and STOP before it's too late!! The truly sad part of this story is Sammie started a TRUE recovery....but it was too late. Her body had been through much already....ED kills. It Kills the dreams of the person with ED. It kills the hearts of families, it Kills Friendships, and it Kills the Futures of young people everyday.

Oh my god! No way?? She was actually one of the first gilr's to mail me on this at the begining! :( She was such a nice girl! Real genuine! I am shocked! So sad! May she rest in peace! She really was a star!! <3

This makes me very sad. RIP Stargirl :(
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