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I just found out that she passed away, 4/05/12 suddenly due to complications of anorexia.....please pray for her family. She was bright loving and very funny and bubbly.Remember on our paths to fitness and health that we are keeping it healthy!! Please if you know anyone with signs or symptoms of an eating disorder do NOT ignore it! They need help, I read that 20% of people with Anorexia Nervosa die......Stargirl had just turned 18 in February.Cry

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fleurfairy Anytime you need to talk about it let me know....

It saddens me alot. I never really wrote with her but I've seen her in forums. She was the best at helping others, I would just have wished that she'd help herself too. This just reminds me how horrible this diseases are and how much we all need to help each other AND ourselves to get out of this. Rest in peace /:

Wow.. I got a message yesterday and didn't want to believe it was what I thought it was.. I didn't talk to her much but saw her around a fair bit. I'm so saddened by the news and my thoughts are with her family. It's a shock and I'm more determined then ever to get better. I could see just how amazing she was by her posts though, please take care everyone x RIP Samantha <3

This news saddens me so much. Although I have never met Samantha I have conversed with her a lot. She has given me so much advice and has cared so much. She really was a wonderful girl. I keep looking back at our conversations and just can't believe it.

My thoughts are with her family. I can't fathom how they must feel.

This made me so sad.  I did not know her or really talk to her on here because I have not consistently gone on here till recently, but I wish I had based on what you guys are saying.  I don't want anyone else on here to have this happen to them.  Please do not wait to recover.  If you need help never hesitate to message me. 

I just got the message today from her account (which I assume was sent out by a parent to her CC friends).  So so sad.  She was only 18.  Sometimes I forget how devestating and dangerous this illness can be. 

God.....I still can't believe it....

Even though I never spoke with her this is so heartbreaking to see such a wonderful girl with a beautiful personality had passed away. Even with the best advice and support from friends couldn't turn this the other way around. I hope more time and investment goes to research for all eating disorders to prevent tragic endings from happening to others. 

RIP StarGirl

Unfortunately, I never got to talk to this girl personally, but this news absolutely breaks my heart into a million pieces. God Bless her soul, and may she rest in peace. We love you, Stargirl213!!!!

I never interacted with stargirl over the web or knew her personality, but I could tell by reading her posts that was a wonderful person. Her death is such a tragedy. Eating disorders are ruthless.

Between the ages of ~14 and 16 I myself struggled with anorexia. I didn't even know it was anorexia... I just thought I was being healthy. I only ate ~1200-1500 calories a day and went running every morning. It's scary to look back at pictures of myself...  my BMI 'only' got down to 18, but I looked like a walking skeleton. Fortunately somebody caught me before I dropped dead. I went to see a school nurse because I felt under the weather and wanted an advil... but she realized that my heart rate was in the low 40s.  I was in the hospital before I knew it, and good thing, too. The doctors said I was an inch away from dropping dead on the running track from heart failure.

Even if you don't think you're sick enough, you just ARE. Please don't risk your health. Don't bet your life on somebody 'catching you' before it's too late... be proactive and seek help on your own.  

I just still can't believe this. It scares me so much. I wish that over our conversations I could have said something that could have helped her. She has given me so so much advice that I still fail to use. I am in shock and can't stop thinking about the fact that this illness does kill. She was so intelligent and thoughtful it is so unfair.

Very sad heartbreaking news.

I got the message to but didn't log into later in the afternoon to read it. I googled the name and unfortunately it's all very true for those who doubt such things on the internet.

She was only just 18 years old. I could tell from her posts sometimes just how desperate she was. I liked the girl. A lot of our behaviours were similar in some ways and she also had been i think discharged from treatment as untreatable.

I wanted her to win her battle and replied a few times to her posts on her recovery.

She just wrote a little while ago on how her doctor almost gave her a clean bill of health labs wise so early into recovery.

I can tell she was as fun as her mum wrote in the message. She had a lot going for her. 

It really saddened me to hear this yesterday.

RIP Samantha and my thoughts are also with your family.

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God.....I still can't believe it....

Me neither.  It's kind of a wakeup call.  This illness is real. 

From my conversations I had with her on here, I could tell how determined she was to fight this thing.  So sad and unfair.

God rest her soul, im in shock about her death. She helped so many people but never listened herself. She continued overexcercising and purging and she ended up dying :(((. Its not fair what ED does. It completely takes away your logic and your sense of right and wrong. She couldve gotten better and lived, but sadly it didnt turn out like this. I cant stop crying over this. These forums have become like my family, and the death of any member is horrible. God rest her soul, shes in a happier place now.

This is so heartbreaking. Samantha was so much more than her illness. Even just talking with her here I could tell that. Such a waste. 


People can send condolences: s.php

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We all know that an eating disorder can and usually does ruin your life. And it can take it. Even with all the stats out there, I am shocked that one of CC's own has passed. She will be missed by those in this community. May you find your peace. 

I used to message her all the time about a year ago. She was doing so well, and I was the one struggling. I don't know how to feel... I feel sick. Even though I didn't know her personally, it's like, she's dead. Actually gone. It's real.

how very saddening :(

this is beyond heartbreaking. RIP Samantha, you will never be forgotten. Your helpful words of advice will always be remembered.

This illness is real, it kills. :(

Reading this gave me shivers. I don't know this girl as I have only just became a member on this site but from suffering from anorexia myself this is very tear jerking for me. This shows that anorexia is a serious, life threatening illness that can end in death. I just hope that anyone who is suffering from this illness can read this devastating news and want to get better .. please if you are a sufferer seek help NOW, although you may think your doing okay your health will eventually deteriorate more and more.

Sending much love to Samantha's loved one's, R.I.P <3     

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