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every morning, i wake up and feel fine. then if i start moving around before eating, i feel extremely nauseous. so i have been countering this by trying to eat ASAP. this has been going on for some time, and only recently did i start to feel nauseous AFTER eating breakfast. i usually eat oatmeal, soy milk, and blueberries, none of which cause me any allergic reactions or anything.

does anyone else have this? what causes it, and how do you deal with it? web searches have been fruitless, so i hope someone can help - or at least identify.


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i sometimes have the same thing - but its normally after breakfast. I really don't know why it happens but i find that if i drink about a pint of water or so it goes away pretty quickly.  

Also, I'm not sure if you drink coffee or green tea, or any other caffein-ey drink first thing but sometimes that makes me feel really queasy, especially if its strong and on an empty stomach so maybe thats one theory?


You should probably go see your doctor and ask their advice.  It could be low blood-sugars.

I've experienced this yesterday and today too!

The first time, after i ate i felt good. And today i just took long deep breaths. I was so close to throwing up, i could feel the saliva running in my mouth... But nothing came out. The feeling started to go away but i still kinda felt 'icky' for a little while.

Gosh, i hope it has nothing to do with blood-sugar. My mom kinda had a problem with that stuff...

Sorry i don't know anything, just kind of relating. And i hope some other CC-ers have more to add

There's another medical condition that can happen at night which is acid reflux.  The stomach acids leak up into the oesophagus causing feelings of heartburn and sickness by the morning.  If you're overweight, you smoke or if you eat rich/fatty/spicy foods in the evening you can make this worse. 

Morning low blood-sugars can happen because it's been many hours since you had anything to eat.  So you feel faint as you would if you starved any other time.  To get around that one a pre bedtime snack of something like a milky drink and a few biscuits can help. 

However, both are things to discuss with a doctor rather than try to self-diagnose.
I'm not diabetic or anything, but I get really nauseated when I have low blood sugar.  When do you stop eating the night before?  Are you trying to go to long without eating?

I had this problem a lot in high school. I would become super nauseaus and nearly black out. Turned out I was anemic or iron deficient. I don't remember which one. Taking iron supplements may help. They are sold over the counter, but you should ask your doc to do a blood test to check that.

I feel that way after drinking any sort of tea in the morning. Not sure why. Maybe it's something left over in your system from the previous day...?

Yeah that happens to me too, if you do go see a doctor about it, let us know what he/she ends up telling you it could be. I think it's probably the low blood sugar and maybe your body is coping with you eating less because you are dieting/exercising more than your body was used to before....but i'm not a doctor so i dont really know

definitely see a doctor. It could be any number of things. My wife had "morning" sickness for almost 3 years while we were trying to have our 3rd child. Turned out she had a bad gallbladder. As others have said there are other conditions that can exhibit the same symptoms.

thanks for all the replies, and sorry for the slow response - i kind of fell off the wagon and quit the site for a little while and just looked at this post again. turns out my mother had a similar problem at my age and it turned out to be low blood sugar, but i plan on going to the doctor as soon as i can afford it. i started trying to eat something right before bed and eating breakfast absolutely first thing in the morning, and that has helped. but when i do get to a doctor, i'll let you all know what's up!

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