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More sensitive to stomach pains after losing weight

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Does the stomach becomes more sensitive when you loose weight?

I notice that when I go out in the weekends and eat some of the unhealthier foods, but not in excess, my stomach gets upset easily. Sometimes, I really want to eat a burger or steaktips, and this is often followed by an upset stomach while I had never had this problem before. I eat till I feel satisfied, not till my whole plate is empty.

Do you have similar experiences? Is it possible that the stomach "changed" in having less tolerance for foods with more fat content?

Recently, I lost a lot of weight by eating healthy, controlling portion sizes and working out frequently, almost every day (5 times a week). I loose about 2 pounds a month which I believe is healthy. My BMI is 24.3 Luckily, I enjoy eating the majority of the superfoods and eat several of them daily. Eating nuts, salmon, yoghurt etc is no punishment for me.


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It is certainly possibly it is due to weight loss - like you've lost your tolerence for high-fat foods. A lot of people lose their taste for junk food after a bit, so this could be similar.

If you haven't gotten a check-up in a while, you might want to consider it. It could be nothing more then your body rejecting bad foods now that your eating healthier, or it could be a stomach problem. It actually sounds similar to the problems I started to have when my gallbladder stopped working (the GB is your fat processing organ.) Mention these issues to your doctor, and they'll help determine if this needs further investigation.

BTW, congrats on your new healthy diet! Sounds yummy to me :)

Thank you for response Mel_e_mel.

I will follow your advice and make an appointment soon for my annual physical exam that is due. I will mention my problem to the doctor. At home, I have almost never stomach pains, but who knows maybe something doesn't surface because I eat so much healthier and less fat.

My healthy diet is my healthy lifestyle and I am very lucky that I love vegetables, fish, nuts, whole grains and dairy (yogurt, cottage cheese). 


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