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The more I eat the hungrier I am!

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Ok, so just recently ive been aiming to eat 2500 calories per day to recover. Ive made it to 2505 today and just had another bowl of cereal cos I was hungry again before bed (nerr nerr Ed haha). But its like the more I eat the hungrier I am, I like to respond to it to try to get my body and metabolism back to how it was but I would love to know why dont i feel this hungry when i only eat 1500 per day?? Its so confusing! Do you find you feel the same?

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I don't have any scientific evidence or anything, but I think when you begin to eat more, your metabolism begins to "wake up" and therefore you feel hungrier. However, when you're starving yourself, your metabolism slows and thus, less hunger. I know when I was eating the least it was like at points my body got so used to being hungry that it forgot what hunger was... so maybe there's a component that has to do with failing to recognize hunger signals too? I'm not sure. All I know is that you shouldn't worry. Just keep eating like you are... it's the right thing to do, confusing as it may be. :)

whatiwant well done your doing such a fab job in increasing your calories.

I am trying to maintain but after a mini relapse of a couple of months have had to increase my calories from 700 to around 2000 and am finding the same thing. On 700 I was able to go for ages without food. Now im on 2000 I am thinking about food the whole time, cant wait to eat the next meal and am never full. Its so scary because at bmi 19 im not wanting m weight to go up. I used to be obese so dont really think the whole, your metabolism will speed up thing will work for me. I gained from bmi 14 ish so quickly and the dietician thought it may be because the fat cells were already there from when I was bmi 40+

That being said keep eating, as im sure if you dont have my history you will rev up your metabolism and heal your body. Be brave your doing so so well!! I admire you and wish I could do the same and respond to my hunger!

Awww thanks guys :)
Our bodies are so complex I wish I understood everything, its driving me nuts! haha

I am finding this out too! Just how complex our bodies are but the more it teaches me, the more determined I do get at giving recovery a proper go! With the hunger- the past week I can't really comment as I've had some horrid slips but since last night I've found that yes, no matter what I eat, even if I keep eating I am still hungry and it just makes me more hungrier! I am finally, trying to actually, genuinely respond to it and I feel good doing so but I get a bit disheartened when I find I'm still and even MORE hungrier :P just now, it's only 10am and I've had 2 bowls of cereal and my body feels like it hasn't had one drop of food at all haha. So yes, right now I am finding the same but am guessing it is a response to my horrid week so all I can do is give back to my body so it will trust me again..  keep up the good work though, yay for cereal before bed ;-)

It's exactly the same for me. And a lot of other recovering anorexics as well, so don't you worry! Your poor body's starved for so long, when you allow it food, it's going to take advantage of that moment and make you eat more because it thinks that you're going to starve yourself back again.

So the only way for this to stop is to answer to your hunger cues! Once your body's satisfied, the feeling will die off. Just remember.. DON'T RESTRICT. Even if you've eaten 8000 calories for the day. Don't don't don't punish yourself by restricting the next day or whatever, because that'll only cause your metabolism to go haywire and you'll never get rid of those hunger cues. Love your body. Take good care of it! Feed it what it wants. Don't torture the poor thing. :3

Yeah, wow, I definitely find that the more I eat the hungrier I am! I know that I have heard that this has to do with metabolisms being stoked, and especially with having been deprived for so long. It is scary, though. Like I think that a lot of recovering anorexics are used to being the ones who never seem to eat as much as others, and then all of a sudden, you are definitelt hungerier than what your friends seem to be. Which only makes sense, your friends have not been starving themselves! Just listen to your hunger cues, I know that it is easier said than done, but really, restricting is the worse thing you can do, and man, I feel like a hypocrite writing this when I know I definitely have a really hard time following my hunger cues. Hang in there!!

same here :-)

the more i eat the hungrier i am, the less i eat-the less hungry i am, and the louder the ed voices go. so.. I EAT! So many good things out there -  enjoy them!


(i'm having a positive day, though. you might hear me panic on the same matter in 2 days ;-) )

thank goodness everyone else feels like this too *wipes brow* :P phew.

its because when you restrict your stomach is continiously decreasing size i think and when we eat its getting normal??

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I am struggling with this myself right now. I am trying to eat more and have been eating 2000-2500 daily an on the weekend much more. I mean MUCH more. Like my normal meals which are a pretty good amount and then 3-4 deserts. I am constantly thinking about food. From the time I wake up until it is dinner time. I like to eat most of my food at dinner because that is when I am the most hungry but I think about that meal all day. Every few minutes. It is horrible. I hate being so obsessed with food. It is my main priority. Over everything else and that is just not right. When I was overweight I was not like that. I am also struggling right now with the extra belly fat. I hate it and it causes me to not be able to completely let go of my disordered eating. I feel bloated and huge. I feel so sorry for anyone with an eating disorder. Before mine developed I use to think anorexia, bulimia, etc was a choice something that superficial people did and now that I am trying to get out of it I am realizing it is absolutely the hardest thing I have ever done. It is so "mental" I do not feel like I am a superficial person at all or someone concerned about my looks. Why do I care so much about fat???? I hate this.

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