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Mole with pus coming out

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I have a mole on my face that ive had for as long as i can remember. In the last couple of years i have noticed that it becomes inflamed and pus comes out of it. If i squeze it then a lot of pus comes out of it.

Im wondering if maybe there is a pimple behind it which is causing the pus or could it be something more sinister.

Ive been thinking about having it removed for a while but am worried about scarring and infection. Every surgery i have ever had i have ended up with a nasty infection.


So question... has anyone ever had a mole which has had pus come out of it?? What was the cause?


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Are you positive its not a cyst?

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Well its raised, always has been and its brown and looks like my other moles

See a dermatologist as soon as you can...I don't think that moles are supposed to have pus coming out of I recall, any change to a mole including size, shape, color, texture is a reason to go see the doctor.

I would see a dermatologist (if your under health insurance check to see if you need a referral from your doctor first).  I had an incident where I had a mark on my skin that got incredibly itchy and i scratched a layer of skin off of it and it kept bleeding for over a week...Got it removed a month later. 

My dad also has a purple mole on his face that occasionally has puss coming out of it because he'll get a zit there.  If pus is still coming out of it after today consider seeing your doctor.

sounds painful :( Get it looked at! Rule 101, if something changed with a spot, go see a doctor to check it isn't something bad! Also, that can't help your self confidence and must be totally annoying/inconvenient - id see if there's any way of getting rid of it without surgery, but if there isnt, I'd go for it! X

I've had a mole on my face get infected if i picked at it, but never had pus just on its own. I would say get it looked at, for sure.

I have had a few moles removed and unfortunately it depends on the type of mole it is how far they have to dig down to get it all out where it wont come back a few months later, unfortunately it does leave a very small scar but again size is everything you might have to have a couple stitches like me or not? The good thing is they can always send it off and check for malignancy and that will make you feel loads better just knowing whats going on. I haven't ever had the pus thing though that sounds like a small infection but when you go to have it removed they will treat you with antibiotics if that is what going on. Good Luck to you hope that helped a little.

I've had a pimple under a mole before :/ sucks. Majorly. Mine healed fine even after being ripped open. Took a few weeks though
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