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I missed the first week of active birth control pills, so I have a question~

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I've been taking birth control now for about 5 months and have been pretty much consistant with it, but we recently found out that I could get three packs for one copay instead of one pack at a time at the pharmacy, if I ordered through my insurance company. so I went and did that and thought it would come in on time, but had soem waiting to do, and so I pretty much missed what would have been my first week of my new pack. I'll start the first day tomarrow.

but my boyfriend will be coming here in 5-6 weeks, but missing this week shouldn't matter much protection wise since I'll have taken a full pill pack and the start of the next one by then?

also they sent me a differnt one of the generic I've been taking so that shouldn't make a difference from before right?

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I have had similar discussions with my doctor about this matter and according to her, you are protected once you have consistenly taken a full pill pack.  Since you say your boyfriend isn't coming for 5-6 weeks and you're starting on a fresh pack tomorrow, you should be ok.  That being said, if there is any doubt, use a backup barrier method like a condom just to be safe. 

Switching to a different generic brand should not affect efficacy, but for some people they notice a slight difference in side effects.

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Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the point of starting just after your period is that it is almost certain that you are not pregnant then. I think if you start now, you may still ovulate, but probably be safe by the time your bf is back.


There won't be anything wrong with generic if the formulation is the same. Even if the formulation is slightly different, it does what it says on the tin. As pixiestix said, though, you may have difference in side effects.

mine takes effect in 1 week. i'm not sure about yours. look up the information or call you doctor. it'll take 2 minutes. i would also recommend using a condom to help put your fears aside.

besides that i always recommend safety first. i always use a second method of birth control with my boyfriend. it makes me feel less anxious about STI's and pregnancy.


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