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Is Metamucil good for you?

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I'm trying to get a bit of fiber in my diet so I bought Sugar-free Metamucil.

It's pretty much a fiber supplement that you mix with water and it's pretty much like orange juice. Think Tang except healthier :D

But when I bought it and read the ingredients I noticed it did not say anything like Fiber Supplement like other stuff out there.

It said "Fiber Laxative." This has been on my mind for a bit now.

Laxatives aren't good for you. What exactly IS a Fiber Laxative? And yeah... I'm wondering if it's good for you.

I've read a bunch about laxative abuse and how prolonged laxative use can actually lead to you having a hard time having bowel movements and whatnot.

Any information will be helpful.


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Yes, you're right, taking laxatives when you have a healthy bowel can cause 'lazy bowel' and other problems, so it's best not to.   I've had a look at the Metamucil ingredients on their website and it just seems to be psyllium husks and sugar with a few colours and flavours.  So it's not going to make you actively 'go' in the same way something like Senna would. 

If you need to get more fibre in your diet it's really quite easy.  Things like getting your 5-a-day, swapping to wholemeal bread and brown rice, having a bowl of high fibre breakfast cereal each morning, not eating so many processed ready-made foods... they'd all get your fibre intake up quite pleasantly and naturally.   Drink plenty of water at the same time and your digestion will purr like a well-tuned engine.

metamucil is just a bulk-forming laxative and in no way stimulates your bowel.  It is my understanding that stimulant laxatives are the ones you need to steer clear of.  I don't think metamucil counts towards "laxative abuse"

you know what would be worse for your colon than metamucil?  chronic constipation.

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it's supposed like bring water to your colon which is supposed to stimulate bowel movements or something.
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I agree with gi jane. I have ALWAYS had trouble being 'regular' so I used fiber supplements. But I also eat plenty of whole wheat bread, oats or granola in the mornings, apples, raw brocoli, and prunes. But still, I have a hard time so I take fiber capsules that have no added color or flavor. They are just psyllium husks and prune fiber... which is fine for you. I don't take them everymeal, like they suggest, just when I'm not getting a lot of fiber in a meal. It helps me.

There is a posting about a women on here that upped her fiber intake to 30 grams a day that you might want to check out. It's pretty interesting.

Drink lots and lots of water!

Good luck!

I'd definitely try to go more natural with this fiber issue. I had problems "going" and had to take laxatives, then I almost kinda depended on them it was so horrible. I was bloated and miserable unless I took one. Then I started eating better and now no problems. Its really easy to work fiber into your diet and you should really try to if you are trying to lose weight. Whole grain foods that fiber is found in actually make you feel fuller longer than "white" foods, which seems to help a lot of people that are trying to lose weight. I now notice if I eat white rice or white bread I actually get bloated again, so I just steer clear of that junk all together. Wheat bread and brown rice taste better anyways Smile

Original Post by chunkylard:

It said "Fiber Laxative." This has been on my mind for a bit now.


 Check out the other label on the back- It can be used as a "fiber laxative", or a "fiber supplement". If you aren't getting fiber in your diet the natural way, that's what a supplement is for.

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I am a soldier serving in Afghanistan. As you might imagine the food choices here are limited at best and offer little to no fiber.  The ‘MRE’ rations are even worse. My question is would taking Metamucil as a fiber supplement help me with my regularity, or as someone else mentioned cause ‘lazy bowel syndrome’ and be counterproductive.  Because of this I am rapidly gaining weight, at the tune of about 3lbs a month.

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