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Metamucil or Benefiber?

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Hey there. I'm looking for something to help me become more regular, and I'm thinking of giving a fiber supplement a try. But there are so many brands and varieties that I have no idea what to get!

I'm not opposed to drinking water with flavored fiber power (metamucil), as long as it doesn't taste to gritty and syrupy and medicine like. I like the idea of having to drink a glass of water with the fiber because sometimes I don't drink enough water and I know I need to work on that!

But benefiber powder can be mixed with anything...and that's definitely appealing! But it has different active ingredients that metamucil. Metamucil has psyllium fiber, and on their website it specifically says it helps to produce regular bowel movements. Benefiber has wheat dextrin, and doesn't really boast about helping with bowel movements, which is causing me to lean towards metamucil.

Also, they make capsules and chewable tablets...they have some with calcium which sounded like a great idea because I need more calcium, but I used to take calcium supplements and had to stop because they made me constipated. So wouldn't taking fiber with calcium be counter-productive?

Thanks for your quick replies guys...I'm going to the store and hope to have decided what to buy soon....I want this irregularity gone!
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Howsabout natural fibre? :D

Fibre is easily sourced from foodstuffs. There is insoluble fibre and soluble, and you need some of both as they function differently. There's a brilliant article here on netdoctor: cts/lifestylemanagement/fibre.htm

I have to eat a high fibre diet, advised by my GP, thanks to chronic constipation troubles, and after experimenting with levels I found anything less than about 70g of fibre (yes, 70!) on average stops my regularity dead. I still have a varied diet, though, and a healthy one. Perhaps try eating a few more high-fibre foods before you grab a supplement? [:

Are you just irregular or constipated? I have a few constipation tips, too, lol. xD

Forgot to add: if you do increase your fibre intake drink plenty of fluids along with it too!

Thanks for your reply lala!

To answer your question, I'm sort of constipated...I go every morning but my stools are sort of hard and difficult to pass, and I always feel like I haven't "gone" completely...usually I don't have any trouble going to the bathroom but this has been going on for close to a month.

I always thought I got plenty of fiber from my diet...I eat lots of fruits and veggies and whole grains and supplement my intake with high fiber cereals and bars. However, I was basing my intake off the recommended level, which is only 25-30 grams. After hearing that you eat 70 grams a day, maybe I should re-think my definition of a high fiber diet!!

I definitely think that sometimes I don't consume enough fluids throughout the day, particularly around the times when I eat something high in fiber. That's one of the reasons I thought I might give metamucil a try...I feel like the fiber plus the water might do the trick. I guess I'm lazy...I definitely have been working to increase my fiber/fluid intake since the constipation started, but maybe I need to do more!

On a side note...I'm wondering what's caused my sudden change in bowel habits, and looking up symptons like constipation and sensation of incomplete bowel movements always brings up IBS, which scares me a little...I don't really have pain or bloating (although I used to bloat a lot at night) other than an occasional spell, but I really hope my symptons aren't indicative of something more serious!

Truthfully, it's probably down to your fluid intake. :] If you have inadequete fibre to water ratios it becomes more difficult to pass a stool. You may want to play with your fibre levels and try for a little more - say, 40g a day - but I don't reccommend higher than that unless your doctor gives you an all clear (as mine did. I was spending days on end unable to poo -___-).

Have you eaten anything odd or that you don't usually lately? I got badly constipated after eating eggs. o:

Hi Lena,

I have similar problems (ugh!) and I eat high fiber and drink water throughout the day (trust me, I know sometimes that just aint enough).  I've had much better luck with Citrucel than Metamucil.  Psyllium makes me bloat big time.  The fiber in Citrucel is different and doesn't effect me that way.  I don't mind the taste of it (sort of like Tang), but there are caplets too.  I haven't tried Benefiber though.

Goood luck!

I started taking Activia Lite. It has been working for me and helping me go every day I just don't like adding the 70 calories to my intake. I think I would like to try Metamucil since you said it helps with regularity.

I try to eat lots of fruit and vegies but only average about 15-20 grams of fiber. I drink LOTS of water, but you guessed it have troubles 'going'. WHAT do you eat and how much to get up to 70 grams a day!!!??? How many cal? Seriously. I keep looking for high fiber foods... I don't like any of the "exercise bars"--just regular "whole" unprocessed foods. I have a hard time figuring out what to eat for breakfast... so I usually have an English muffin--maybe with a fruit salad (watermelon, strawberries, 1/5 banana, cantaloupe). Apple and pb for lunch. Greens, tomatoe, cuc, bell peppers (notice on cc you can only count cals for an ENTIRE bell pepper?!)  mushrooms, -- and some lean protein, chicken, fish, a little pork or beef. Last night had 1/2 c. brown rice cooked with wheat berries, broc, carrots, onion stirred with lean beef.

I read with much interest this thread as I have been looking at the same products. Accidently bought a laxative--though it wasn't labeled as such--YUCK!!!


Carolann: Ahaha... I am on a gainer's diet - I have to eat 4k a day to put on weight. ;| And that may sound great but it is very, very uncomfortable.

But oatmeal, beans, wholegrains, nuts, veggies and dried fruits are my main fibre staples. I lurrvve prunes. Starting your day with a bowl of high fibre cereal like oatmeal or bran of some kind with dried fruit on top gets your fibre up right away.

What does concern me a bit is your menu? An apple and some peanut butter isn't lunch, that's a snack! D: How many calories do you average a day if I may ask?

i take benefiber mainly because its so easy to mix it in with anything. I put 2 teaspoons in with my oatmeal in the morning. During the week, i also take activia light with me as a snack to work. At least i know i am getting a decent amount of fiber during my day!

My doctor (GE) recommended benefiber, and I tried the recommended dose of 1-2 tablespoons and blew up like a balloon. I do have IBS and need something. I started over taking 1/4 teaspoon ful of benefiber, and gradually increasing it (every 2 weeks or so) until now I'm up to 1-1/2 teaspoons (about half a tablespoon). It has helped some. It is real easy to mix with things, dissolves well.

I have recently stopped "trying" to increase my water, and actually INCREASING it by counting the pints I drink. According to a calculator I found on CC+, I need a gallon a day (twice the 8 glasses). That has helped some, too. Today is a slow day and I am just finishing pint #7.

I eat oatmeal several mornings a week, prunes every night, almost no refined grains, lots of fruits & veg. around 2,000 calories per day.

Ive bene using the orange creme benefiber chewable tablets and they work for me............... haha

I am 5'2 48yo and 158#s. I ave about 1550 / day. including the wine.... Trying to stop a couple of days a week and eat a little bit more... 5-6 small meals or 3 meals and a couple of snacks. The apple and pb really fills me up sometimes I have some lean chicken, beef, or fish a couple of hours later... I like raisin bran but don't care much for milk so I am trying to eat things I LIKE not just "food" I should eat. I will have to check on the fiber count for beans. I like beans and prunes and dried appricots--but that still isn't a LOT of fiber.


All good replies. Personally, I use Metamucil Clear & Natural and it works great for me :)


Also, I take probiotics. To be specific, I take acidophilus capsules. Taking probiotics regularly really helps promote intestinal flora and fauna which while kill off all the bad bacteria and aid in your digestion. You can find those almost anywhere. A health food store/drug store always has them. Also drinking at least half your weight in ounces daily (more if you are working out) and a high fiber diet will go a long way. 

Try to read up and do your research as much as you can. The internet can be a tough place to find reliable sources. You may also want to talk to a dietician about anything that may seem questionable to you.

I used to get constipated quite often and I feel your pain. 



I have this same problem. I got to a point where I was taking 8 stool softners a day just so I could get a little, hard BM. It was ridiculous. I eat enough fiber (about 30ish grams a day) and I started taking chewable fiber supplements. That wasn't helping, so I went to my doctor. She told me first off to reduce the stool softner to the amount on the bottle (4 a day) and reccommended I get a colonoscopy. They didn't find anything wrong, so the GI doctor told me to take Miralax along with the stool softner. So far, it has helped. The only thing with this is, it's not something that can be done permanently. Or at least it's not reccommended to. I've tried to reduce the amount but it just goes back to the same old problem. Also, I take calcium (I am osteopenic) and heard that taking magnesium along with the calcium helps with the constipating side effect of the calcium. Anyways, all that said, I think you should see your doctor. They can help you with what to take better than we can.

I had, for years and years, tried different methods to help with IBS and Constipation.   I have found that watch what I eat and getting the fiber I need.


When I slip and am miserable I have found that toughing it out for a day until things get regular isn't worth the discomfort and that enemas work great and instantly make me feel better.

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