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Metamucil every day...?

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I'm pretty sure that I'm not getting quite enough fibre in my diet...Things aren't usually particularly regular. I recently bought some Metamucil in pill form, and I'm wondering- Is it bad for you to take some metamucil every day?

It seems like common sense that taking a laxative every day would be bad for you, but metamucil is basically just extra fibre, right?

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Fiber is found in fruits and vegetables and whole grains.  A high fiber cereal

like Fiber One has 14 grams of fiber and we are supposed to get 25 grams per

day.  So to answer your question about Metamucil, yes you can take it every

day but also try to find your fiber in foods.  I hope that information helps.

Good luck.




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Metamucil also comes in powder form and make a pleasant drink when you add it to water.  The only problem is it doesn't dissolve very well and gets lumpy.  But its a nice drink  to have with breakfast and helps with the fluid intake without adding calories.  You can also get benefiber which dissolves completely but has no taste and add it to water and cooking.  You don't say how old you are but as you get older the fiber becomes more necessary to keep you regular and to prevent hemorrhoids.  (sorry - don't mean to be gross!Smile ).   Its not really a laxative.

I know how hard it is to get all the recommended fiber even if you do eat a lot of fruits and veggies.  For me, I just can't do it.  I don't think there's anything wrong with taking supplements, as long as your still getting the majority from natural foods.  I get about 15-20 g from natural foods and usually add another 10 or so from other sources.

Expense wise however, I find that Metamucil doesn't give enough fiber for how expensive it is.   I mean, you have to take SIX capsules to get only three grams of fiber.

There are a lot of cheaper ways to get your fiber.   Look in the cool-aid/crystal light section of your store.  There are a couple of brands of drink mixes that have fiber.  I personally use Vita Splash Raspberry Lemonade.  It has FIVE grams of fiber in each packet which you mix in a 16 ounce bottle (or glass) of water.  It costs $1.87 at Walmart for eight packets. It tastes really good, just like a cool-aid type drink, and only 20 calories.  It get the fiber from inulin, from chickory root.   There is also one called Active Fiber I think, same stats.  And they mix up way better that the Metamucil powder.  No clumps at all. 

Fiber One Granola bars have NINE grams of fiber each for 150 calories, and are very yummy (search fiber one granola in the forums to see all the testimonials!)  A box of 5 at Walmart for around $2.50.  Sometimes they have 10 packs for less per bar.  Also, Walmart now has a generic version, for only $2.00 per box



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I have some digestive problems and have recently started using Metamucil.  I use the powder (sugar-free berry), it's good.  Anyway, I only use it once a day, not the three times that is recommended on the box.  If I used the entire recommended dose I think I'd be in the bathroom 15 times a day.  It has made me regular every day.  I've felt better, digestively, since I started using it than I have for several years.

I highly recommend it.  I don't know about the pills, though.  I used to be on so many medications that I have a problem taking pills now.  Plus, I like that it's a way to drink more fluid.

I have cholesterol problems and was advised to take metamucil.  I take the orange sugar free powder version.  I take a some every morning and sometimes I remember to take it again in the afternoon or evening.  It mixes pretty well with the water if you stir as you add the powder.  It really helps and I don't think using it daily is a problem. 

I also have the fiber one bars for breakfast some days.  I agree they  are quite tasty.  Target also has a generic version (Market Pantry?? I think) that is just as good. 

Doing these 2 things and also trying to eat more fiber rich foods has increased my fiber from less than 10 grams per day up to 25 grams per day. 

bwahaha, it's funny because your name is poo.


Fiber-Sure Clear-Mixing Powder is the way to go IMO!  Its great and has 5g of fiber for one tsp.  It has no taste and dissolves completely clear in even cold water, juice or anyhting.  If anything it makes water taste "softer" if that makes any sense? I have been using it a little bit at a day in everything just to spread it out.  You can even cook with it and it makes no noticeable difference to the food.

Try it!

What about just eating 2 fresh apples every day? Or do an experiment. Eat raw foods for one week. That will clean you right out. The other thing you could do is make sure you're getting enough plain water. You can imagine the sludge that can get stuck if you don't have enough water.

A guy who seems to know a lot about being regular is Dr Richard Schulze. A friend recommended his stuff to me and I recommend it to everyone. Not a MLM. Just a regular place to buy stuff. Try intestinal formula #1.

Good luck!

My doctor recommended ground flax meal. I use an "organic sprouted" type myself. It's a wonderful food supplement--not a laxative. I add a 30 gram scoop, two tablespoons, to my breakfast cereal and another scoop with fruit and yogurt at lunch. It's helped me lower my cholesterol and really keeps digestion running smoothly. It's high in calories because it contains lots of high omega 3 oil. But it's worth it. Just cut down on something else. It also keeps you from being hungry between meals because of the healthy-type fat it contains.

My doctor advised me to take metamucil everyday.  I use the regular/coarse meal powder and it tastes like ass, but it's really helped to make me regular.

As a couple of people have said already it's very easy to get fibre into your diet rather than in a supplement. cts/lifestylemanagement/fibre.htm is a good article on the differences in fibre along with example foods and suggestions for ways of getting extra fibre in. Try upping your fibre through food before you go for the Metamucil! [:

I... do not advise you follow the suggestion of eating raw food for a week, though. :\ Cleanses are often quite pointless. But, do drink lots of water if you increase your intake.

Thought I'd throw in another suggestion...

When my hubby and I started using Metamucil, we started with the berry powder.  We added it to various Juicy-juice flavors and then recently we have been adding Kool-aid singles or Hi-C sugar free packets to it.  

Every morning at work I fill a 20oz bottle with water, taking the first sip to add room for the powder.  Then I add my drink mix and metamucil and shake it up.  You have to shake well and drink fast or it gets thick and it makes it hard to drink.  Grape seems to work the best for me...


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