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Does this mean my metabolism is getting faster? finallyyyy

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Quick story... had been doing super well hadn't been counting calories at all for months and months, had a really rough patch and counted again this lasted a few weeks and in 2 weeks i lost 6lb on around 900 calories a day ...before when i was at my worst of the illness i had to be eating half of that of less to lose anything .....surely this means my metabolism has got faster even though i felt it hadn't .. I'm back to eating properly now and have gained that weight back quickly, I just wanted to ask although at a healthy weight if i were to eat more all healthy food to get in more calories would my metabolism still slowly adjust so i didn't gain weight on a higher number of calories even though i am at healthy weight rather than recovering from a low weight...if that makes sense?

Any help would be appreciated lotss :)

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Hey hun :). I think it does mean that your metabolism has sped up, although 900 calories is still super low. I'm pretty sure that it is not too late to repair your metabolism. I am in the same situation as you, trying to eat normally and wanting to maintain on a nice amount. You've just got to go for it, the thought of doing it is a lot more scary. Your body will adapt I'm sure of it :). I know its hard when you are at a healthy weight and don't want to gain anymore, I'm in exactly the same situation, but we are young we should be able to eat a nice amount of food :). How many calories are you having at the moment?. I'm trying to get in 2000 x    

Hey, im not totally sure how many i eat now, i don't count but i would guess between 1100 ish up to 1500 really depending on the day, usually on the lower end of the scale when im in uni for very long hours, i just forget to eat, which really needs to stop, I Very rarely go up to 2000,  I  want to be able to eat a little more without gaining to much more im around about 7st 9 at the moment and feel comfortable here .. 

You would initially gain weight, yes, but the recommended amount for recovery (3000) balances everything out. Fully recovered people usually end up having a hypermetabolism. Keep fighting! :)

I don't think i would be comfortable going up to 3000 at a healthy weight ...i would gain far to much....i think i will go for 2000 and stuck with that maybe? I wish i would of done recovery properly and just gone straight up to 3000 rather than just gaining on the minimum..Never mind though, it's done now i guess.

You remind me so much of me. I am exactly the same weight as you :) at 5 foot 2.5 inches. I was eating around 1600 but have increased to 2000. I think you should too, definitely :). You need to make sure you stick to it though, that's the only way you'll get your body to trust you. I'm really comfortable at the weight I'm at too so I know how you feel about not wanting to gain. You might gain a little at first but it'll be water weight. I wouldn't weigh yourself for a month or so though until your body has gotten used to having a little more :). You should start posting your eats on the maintainers thread, it might help to keep you motivated, it definitely helps me a lot :) x  

We are the exact same height to :) haha I worry about gaining loads, the end of last summer i went on holiday and when i got back non of my clothes fitted, i would guess i went up to around 8st 2/3 and i was REALLYYY uncomfortable :( I tend to gain all my weight on my boobs and tummy and a little to the tops of my thighs so im worried about putting on anymore weight, this morning the scale said 7st 10lb which has freaked me out already!! I seem to have not allowed myself to ever 100% recover :( i'm to scared to become this fat lump that i became on holiday :( 

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