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Metabolism! Argh!

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Ok, I won't recap the whole story again, but basically, I'm 18 female, 5'2 and 80 pounds with low t3 count.

I'm on 1800 that okay for recovery? CC says I need 1300...

But here people say 2500 or more. So now I'm confused. I'm scared to increase because of water weight but i want to maintain on more calories and right now I'm fully convinced that my metabolism is reallllly slow. But, being 18, if I suddenly up te cals, will I gain like crazy? O can't seem to understand the whole 2500 cals thing, My body seems to be the exception that it will gain with any small increase of food. Currently, I eat 400 breakfast, 1000 sandwich, and 400 cal dessert... Please help! I'm so confused, and starting university in a few days has been a crazy stressor...

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i really cant stress how much having a treatment team and a nutritionist helps me through weight gain and eating a healthy amount. but if you cant get into treatment and have to recover on your own, then i gotta say the 2500 cal thing has never really gotten through my brain. i asked my nutritionist about it and she said its total **** and that our metabolisms r amazing and will eventually normalize if we eat when we are hungry and are intuitive about it. but i know its hard to not go by numbers when ED is so **** obsessive. basically, becuz u dont have a nutritionist to build a meal plan specifically for you through using exchanges, i would say as long as you're eating over 2200 ish and arent hungry, then you're eating enough. (my meal plan is around that if you add up all my exchanges) but it ranges from 2200 to 2600 depending on what i choose for each exchange that day. also, since you are only 5'2 and not technically a teen anymore, the whole 3000 thing is def not necessary, but 2500 is prob about a good estimate. and honestly, if i eat under that amount i find myself kinda hungry at night. but for the record, yes u will gain rly fast in the beginning and yes it will b water weight so please dont let that hold you back! (and everyone with an ED thinks that they r the exception and will never stop gaining. totally false!!)

Calorie count does not tell you you need 1300 to gain weight.

Regardless, CC calculators are not designed with teens (nor those with eating disorders) in mind.  And let me see -- hmm 18, eighteen, yep -- still a teen, even technically.

Your body is NOT the exception.  honestly, it's not.  when you increase your cals to 3,000, you will first have some water retention -- it might even be a lot, it will be temporary. 

The cals you will be eating will be going to the tissue, organ, and bones cells to repair the damage the ED has done.

The point IS to gain weight.  You have a BMI of 14.7 -- that's not even healthy for a 13 year old, much less an 18 year old.

coach_k is very right about this. You're 18, and at that age, 3000cal is a normal amount. By eating 1800, you're suppressing cellular repair and important metabolic functions at a very young age, which sets you up for further health issues, regardless if you become weight restored or not. You need to increase your calories till you gain weight to a natural set point.

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Will increasing right away to 2500 cause excessive water weight?

Also, how do I know if I'm gaining? Do I weigh every day? Week?

How will I FEEL getting better? Night sweats means the metabolism is waking up, etc..?
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