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I am trying to gain weight and realize i need alot of protein.
I eat lunch at school and usually have a turkey sandwhich, becuase thats remotely healthy and has protein.
Today in the hot lunch line they are serving pasta and meatballs.
They give you 5 little meat balls.
Are meatballs a good source of protein? A healthy source of protein?
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Meatballs are certainly a source of protein, but a healthy source?  It would be hard to say.  If the meat is very lean, and they are baked, they might be okay.  But my guess is they are not very lean.

Schools must form their lunch programs to fit the nutitional needs of high school age boys i.e. about 2500 cal per day.  More calories than most need.  I worked at a high school for years and couldn't figure out why I was gaining weight until I realized how many calories were on that lunch tray every day!  Surprised  however, it wouldn't do you any harm to change up your diet a bit.  Even tho' turkey is a healthy food, man cannot live on turkey alone.

I would go ahead and get the school lunch, eat the salad (they always serve salad with spagetti), drink the milk, eat the meatballs and some of the pasta. 

haha thats funny about the salad, becuase they are serving salad with it. THe lunch today is:
Pasta and meatballs
Choice of Fruit
Lettuce Salad
Rice Krispie bar

Do schools usually give you the same amount of calories every day for what they serve in hot lunch do you think?
Becuase there cant be that many cals in the main course if they are giving a rice krispi bar too,right?
The 5 meat balls are pertty small.  Im sure its not lean, but dont they have some healthy-requirments they have to meet? i would hope so.
Turkey sandwhiches are good, and they are "safe" thats why i eat em almost everyday. we rarely get chicken.

 So yes to the meatballs?
oh and they give u a breadstick :)

About the rice krispy treats - I was actually surprised about the low # of cals in homemade rice krispy treats the other day.  It's mostly sugar, from the marshmallows, with a bit of fat from the butter.  But if they are school made...who knows :-)

 Meatballs sounds like a good lunch to me! :-)

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