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meant to be this way?

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Okay so I am in revovery from anorexia- have been for about 3 years. Lowest 90 pounds - now 107 at 5'6  . However it seems that maybe this is my set weight- as I never seem to gain past here. I eat A LOT- wehenevr I am hungry and sometime sjust because i want the taste so maybe this is my limit- also I recieve a lot of compliments which makes me think I do not want to gain weight.... I like the way I look and I always eat when hungry- I admit I am still a bit obsessed with food as in I LIKE to eat:)

For example- on a typical day


Bowl of chco flakes with skimmed milk half a banan and a piece of toast

Snack- handful iof haribo

Snack 2- 2 biscuits

lunch- big green salad, 2 muffins with turkey and marmite, bag of quavers, muller light yoghurt, fruit

snack- jam sandwich

tea- usually somehting like chips, beans, and fish cakes.

afters- handful of sweets

supper- bowl of cereal abnd a piece of toast.

Any thoughts? Maybe my next step should be just to stop browsing the forums so much and weighing myslef.

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i'm guessing you've gone into a state of hyper metabolism if you're not gaining on that!

yes your body will have a set point, but NOT that low! i'm 5'6, 119lbs and still gaining! if you really think you look better slim, i'd aim for at least 120lbs at our height! try increasing your calories gently, for instance eating the whole banana rather than half for breakfast, and swapping muller light for regular, putting extra butter on your bread etc, just little things!

i'm really glad for you that you've gained and are still eating properly, but you need to gain more; you're still significantly underweight! xx

Thanks for your reply... and I know haha! I do eat a lot. That’s why I have no motivation to gain... I am content and like my figure. But I guess if I do that’s okay too.


Thanks for your reply and glad it was not just me that thinks I eat lots :)



Just looking at what you are eating and breaking it down to calculate your calorie intake, you actually are not eating anywhere near as much as it probably feels that you are eating.  You are choosing very low calorie options which will make it feel like you are eating more.  You have not put in portion size but I suspect they are not huge.   What is with the skimmed milk at breakfast??  Why only half a banana?  Quavers and muller yoghurt are again much lower calorie options than if you had a proper bag of crisps and a non-diet yoghurt. 

Being generous I would say you are barely hitting 2,000 calories a day.  This is barely enough for most people to maintain on let alone gain.  You probably need to at least push for another 500 calories a day.  So exchange some of those diet foods for non-diet options.  Throw out the skimmed milk and at least have semi skimmed.  Have the whole banana at breakfast and a glass of juice, add a slice or two of cheese at lunch time.  Make sure that toast is coated in peanut butter or nutella!!!  You get the idea.  Up the calories.  You probably have not hit your set point, just burning off all you are eating in keeping alive!  Good luck!

I didnt think it looked like you were eating alot! I agree with helly79. To me it looks like you are on one of those diets you see in closer magazine where the celebrities eat like 9 times a day 200 calorie meals!!

I think you need to bulk up your foods and eat more! Your breakfast should be bigger and semi skimmed milk or at least a more filling granola cereal and 2 toasts etc

Keep up the good work but eat more because no way would you gain any weight [which you need to] on that amount of calories.!!


Thnks for your replies... I will try to eat more bulky foods as it seems like I am always hungry! Though the guilt is a pain :(  And yes, reading magazines does not help me overcome this- think I need to give up the liked of closer and heat!


x x x

i went on a media diet for a long long time...skipping out on my old favorites like shape, self and fitness bcause i felt the meal plans they always talked about were way too low! its great that you are open to eating helps when you start to like food again! i personally am learning to love food again and that can sometimes make recovery fun, but i agree with the guilt! that can be a killer.  stay strong hunni! you are doing the right thing!

Hey thanks for the support :) . its just giving up the CONTROL- weighing, calorie counting etc as I like my figure and do nopt want it to change.

BUT realistically I didi get more attention at just a few pouinds heavier. hmph. stress .



ps- Anyone who has messaged me on here SORRY about not replying- I ususally just browse on my phone without signing in- and when I do go on the computer I have never checked messages- I has three- feel so popular! :)

Yes the guilt is a right pain BUT try to think that it is not YOUR guilt. It is ED trying to trick you into thinkng you should be guilty and should not enjoy life. As well remember as much as you think you have control you dont. ED will soon overtake and you wont know where you begin and ED ends!!

Your figure is not going to change you will just feel healtheir. Honestly... those magazines are pathetic and if you were an anorexic celebrity on the red carpet with time to weigh out 20g of seeds to have twice a day then your life wouldn't be as rich as it should be LOL

cjh002 you know the other funny thing with loving food like you said? When you look at all these celebrity chefs, bloggers about fine foods etc none of these are particuarly overweight!! All the people who enjoy and celebrate food have what they fancy when they fancy! Its only the celebs who promote these diets whose weights yo yo all the time!! Well done on tackling ED and enjoying food!!

I know... I am so sick of trying to stretch out my food and bulking up on salad etc. I would love to LET GO!

Think its just because its half term and I ahve more time on my hands... normally I am distracted but right not I just feel like eating lots and lots :)


but... you know and I know I will get my small bowl cereal, haf milk half water... hi ho... it will happen soon though.


Thnaks for your responses :))

omg meg1984 are you me? I do that trick with the milk and water........... LOL [we can laugh at this illnes but its crazy!!!!]

I know I dont wanna go back to school next week !!!

just for some perspective i'm 5'5.5 as well and my body doesn't get to a healthy place until i'm 130. the very minimum my doctors have ever allowed me to be is 120, and as i still have to hold onto some restrictive behaviours to keep myself there, 130 really is better for me.  i know everyone's body is different, but it's just to say the world will not end if you go a bit higher :)

in terms of your snacks, sometimes i do the grabbing "handfuls" of things too - i feel like it is okay because i am being demonstrating a "relaxed" attitude towards food and showing that i can be spontaneous. but sometimes it becomes another way for me to avoid sitting down to actually have a proper snack.  maybe grab your bit of sweets or candy that you want to have and have that PLUS or with something else? like you could have the 2 biscuits with ice cream or a banana w/ pb or something.

Original Post by glitterandsprinkles:

omg meg1984 are you me? I do that trick with the milk and water........... LOL [we can laugh at this illnes but its crazy!!!!]

I know I dont wanna go back to school next week !!!


Haha not just me whose crazy then! Seriously though- every holiday I obsess then say things will change but never do it.... I need to sort this out- or it’s gonna affect the rest of my life!


Thanks again for your replies-Shadow-  I guess you’re right with the handfuls...sweets and a big drink to fill me up...:P



I think when a holiday/break from work/college comes up: a lot of people trying to recover think ' I'll fix my food problems'

But that puts a lot of pressure on you and pressure that you might not be ready to take all on board right away! (and that's ok!)

By all means-use the time you have to get your eating on track and have mire headspace to do it. But always remember that recovery takes years! Im not saying take all rhe time in the world to act, but as much you want it, rushing won't help. Take one stage at a time and within that take it one day at a time, not resting in your laurels but not running twenty miles before you can walk two.

That's only my experience, but it makes sense. Whether it applies to you or not probably depends on your personality type. Xxxx Slow and steady wind the race.

I am also about 5'6" and a teenage girl recovering from anorexia. I thought I would never gain past 108lbs because for the last 6 months I've been eating 3000cal a day with barely any exercise and maintaining at 108lbs. But this week my body managed to gain 2lbs and I am now at 110lbs. Your body is just plateauing, but that does not mean it's your set point. No one has a set point that low, it is unhealthy. If you keep at it, increase your eating just a bit, and stay focused you WILL gain to a healthier weight. Don't give up!

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