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Does it matter when you take a vitamin supplement?

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Most days I have a drink sachet that has 50% vitamins B and C, sometimes I have two.

Does it matter if I take them in the morning or if I took them at lunch or whenever? I usually have them as supper before bed. I'm not meaning calories as they're basically calorie-less.

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Folate, one of the B vitamins is best absorbed on an empty stomach, and that should be considered if you are of childbearing age. Neural tube defects can happen before you know you are pregnant.

Some of the other ones like acid environments, etc. So, if you are really into B vitamins, you might want to do some reading and take certain ones at different times.

Do you have a specific reason for taking a supplement?


Well I'm wanting to get my hair thick again or atleast thicker. I'm trying to get more protein and fats and vitamin B, generally not intensely watching my intakes of those things but trying to atleast get the RDIs. Plus I'm getting a good 1.5l of water a day atleast plus water through fruits etc.

I also get psoriasis on my scalp which couldn't be great for strong healthy hair, it's worse in warmer weather as well and it has been warm recently so in the last month more than anything I've been watching my intake more closely.

My doc actually told me its a good idea to take supplements at night before bed because they can make you hungry if taken earlier in the day.

I don't know if it matters - but I want to toss in this bit of advice.  If you take a multivitamin that has calcium don't take a calcium supplement at the same time.  Our bodies can only absorb 500 mg of calcium in a 4 hour period so if your MV has say 300 mg and your calcium supp has 500 - your basically wasting the extra 300 mgs - best thing to do is take your muti vitamin at one time of day and the calcuim supplement at least 4 hours later.- also no sense in buying a calcium supplement over 500 mg per tablet as you are just going to end up pissing the extra away

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