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lower leg, ankle, foot cramp in left leg someone said its due to too little salt in your diet.. Is this true?!

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For a good month now, I have been getting excrutiating leg cramping in only my left leg, it mostly happens at night, but the cramping pain lingers and I find it difficult to lift my leg to walk, any movement with that leg becomes painful. I dont get the cramps every night., but when I do it can be uncomfortable to use touch of lift the leg for 2 days, the latest cramp was Monday night, pain had almost gone  by Tuesday evening only to get cramp Wednesday night, the pain lingered throughout thursday and before it had a chance in getting better I got cramp Thursday night, so here I am Friday dreading going to bed, this is probaly the worst its got my lower leg looks swollen and I cant bare to touch it and walking is difficult anyway as I have M.E so this is not good.

I have heard that cramps can be lack of salt intake.  Is this true? as I must confess I hate salt and dont put salt onto my food. I only use it in my cooking and even then in small amounts. Is there anyone out there with the same problem? Is there anyone who knows what to do to prevent cramp? Any advice gratefuly recieved. Better add I have been to the Doctor, but they can not advise either way and say it could be part of the M.E or my weight, or I am not winding down and relaxing enough which is a joke as I am pratically horizontal. One Doctor said eat a packet of salt and vinager crisps and see if that helps and it didnt. So I am at a loss.

Cheers and chat laterz Astral hippyFrown

Ps anyone out there who suffers with M.E (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)

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Could be Potassium, try eating a banana daily.  I had to do that when I was pregnant and I got legs cramps.


Let me first say that I am not a doctor.  What I have been told is that leg cramps could be a result of low potassium levels.  I have no idea if this is really true or in my head.  I suffered leg cramps badly as a teen, and according to the wives tales, it was a potassium deficiency.  I haven't suffered cramps in years other than rare occassions.   I might suggest finding another more knowledgeable doctor who is more versed in the value of nutrition.  Hope this helps, let me know if it does!

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There are lots of things that can cause cramps and numbness in the limbs.  One of the more common causes is lack of needed electrolytes in your body.  That includes potassium and salt.  Yes you do REQUIRE some sodium in your diet.  People don't bother to stress that enough because it is pretty challenging to be american and not get some salt intake.

Thanks Everyone for all your advice, better eat a banana a day up my salt level and when I get cramp no matter how much it hurts, flex my leg and foot straight away, brilliant with all that info, I can now make ammends.

Cheers again Astral hippyKiss

This sounds like the infamous Charlie Horse.  My dad used to get them at night, so he taught me that term.  I get them, too, occasionally, and I've heard, like most people here, it's a call for potassium, so bananas and any cranberry product are the "medicine."  I'm not crazy about those two products, so I occasionally take a potassium supplement (pill, which isn't enough to make a difference, I've heard). Oranges, potatoes, broccoli, I'm told, are also good sources of K.  When I eat more fruits and veggies, I rarely get Charlie Horses.  If I'm awake when one start, I can feel it coming on and pull my toe toward my knee--flex my foot--to moderate it or forestall it.  The cramp is less severe then and the lingering soreness ameliorated.  If I'm asleep, the jig is up! It just rocks my world with pain for a few seconds that feel like hours.  I get up as soon as I can, limp it off, and eat a banana--but of course the Horse is out the barn gate by then!
Potassium always helped my legs cramping up, but my feet do the same occasionally and it doesn't seem to be effected by potassium. I'm like you in that I don't consume much salt... perhaps I could try that next time. Thanks!

When I was in kickboxing, I'd get cramps in my feet sometimes from the positions we had to be in.  My instructor said cramps were usually caused by a lack of potassium.  So yeah, eat a banana and see how you feel.

The majority of Americans who are eating normally should have no trouble getting their required daily intake of salt, from what I have read.  Generally, we eat too much sodium.  Food itself generally has enough sodium for our requirements, then we add some more to it!

Try bananas or other high potassium foods.  Maybe a multivitamin would work too.

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