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Low Blood Pressure/Sugar and Fainting? Anyone?

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I am 18 years old and my friend just had a baby. I went to visit her in the hospital and they were talking about the labor...well I am typically very queesy and tend to nearly black out at conversations like this anyhow...but never actually have passed out. I was standing up and felt myself getting that feeling, but instead of it going away when they changed the subject, I hit the floor.

I have always had normal to high blood pressure (usually normal). Well, when they checked it, it was normal lying down. Then later he had me stand up (after I was feeling fine) and take it was like 75/something...He said this was really low. I told him all I had eaten was an apple and some fries...yes i know thats bad...and he said he thought it could be my blood sugar and that i was probably dehydrated as well....

Anyways, this hospital was very un-professional and so we left, but has anyone had experiences with this? I'm sure it was a mix of not eating enough food that day and the conversation...but I guess it would be reassuring to hear other stories...

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The worst experience I had on similar lines was out hiking in the hills as a student.   We'd had breakfast but, due to having totally useless guides who managed to lose the way in the mist, we didn't stop for a break all morning - no snacks, no lunch, no nothing.  By about 2pm I felt sick, dizzy, turned white as a sheet, spots before the eyes and had to sit down fast to avoid falling over.  It was purely down to low blood-sugar.  Someone gave me a 4oz tablet of 'Kendal Mint Cake' (which is about 110% neat sugar with a bit of glucose added and a nice chocolatey coating) and the effect was like giving spinach to Popeye. Surprised  Pow!

I'm sure the combination of your squeamish nature and lack of food was the problem.   If you're prone to that kind of thing always have a snack handy in your handbag and avoid skipping meals.

Thank you so much! It's nice to know someone else who survived an experience like that without finding tons of heart problems and everything else! I usually don't miss eating,  and I usually don't load up on fries for lunch, just a bad eating day. Oh well, it made me officially decide to cut out all fried foods! They only burn ya in the end..haha

I'm generally very queasy when it comes to blood and extreme gore. My brother-in-law has maybe told me one too many stories that I've had to keel over and hold my head between my hands because of impending nausea attack. Although, I've never fainted from mere conversation.

Around this time last year, I received the first of three fiest gardasil shots, and it should be noted that as a child I was always "cool" when it came to getting needles. My doctor asked me to look away, but as I felt it go in, I started thinking about her tearing my muscle. After she was done, all I remember was asking "Is it bad if I'm feeling dizzy?" and her yelling "Lie back! Lie back!". Well, next thing I must have slouched over the bench and fallen to the floor. I woke to her saying "Are you with me?". I had no idea what had gone on, but she sent me to order a sub from the nearest Subway.

I've always been a big breakfast eater, so I'm fairly certain my daily intake wasn't affecting my blood sugar - I just had a psychological blimp where my blood didn't get to my heart fast enough... or something to that effect.

Anyways, I know how you feel, and I woke up from my faint spell feeling completely refreshed. And the sub was delicious.

Good night and feel better :)

Yup it happened to me too...and i'm an er nurse.  I cut my pinky finger open badly and needed several stitches- i was watching the doctor close, oh cool- what thread, watching his technique, and then...oooh, i don't feel so good, almost passed out-  it didn't help that i was 7 months pregnant-- hehehe... scared the crap out of the doc " I don't DO labor and deliver!!!"  I think it was a combo of not enough to eat, stress, anxiety, etc. The body is a fine machine and knows when it has "had enough", and just shuts down.  Not surprising that your bp didn't come up too much afterwards. Lying down, everything is horizontal, no big job for the body to circulate the blood: when rising to standing, the blood flow now has to work against gravity- extremities is the last place it is going to go- they take your bp on your arm....hence- lower reading. But i would also get your sugars checked, just to be on the safe side.

sounds like hypoglycemia to me. 


yes, quite a bit.  I have low blood pressure and am also hypo-glycaemic.  I went to a nutritionist, who recommended I eat low GI foods and protein at every meal/snack to help regulate the hypo-glycaemia (ie, blood-sugar).  If I don't, I get very dizzy, begin shaking, and sometimes faint.  I always eat a sensible breakfast (eg oats and yogurt, eggs on wholemeal toast, you get the drift) so that I can get to work without passing out in the commute. My real danger time tho is 5pm/6pm.  So I ALWAYS eat a high protein/low-GI snack/sandwich/whatever at 4pm.  Even if I'm not hungry.  Because if I don't, without fail, I get the shakes and can't concentrate - my mind just goes to pieces.

Didn't know until recently about the low blood-pressure.  I'm working on that by keeping my cholesterol low (exercising, checking this site to make sure I stay under the limit) and my blood liquid.  Because the heart's pump is slightly weaker than normal, you need to keep the arteries clear to allow the blood flow through to make sure everything's fed/oxygenated.  Or at least that's how it was explained to me.  Might be all jack.

Good luck.

Yep I have low blood pressure and if I don't eat every few hours my blood sugar can drop quite rapidly. I have fainted several times because of this. I just make sure that I know where my next meal is coming from as often as I can, I eat little and often to keep my sugar levels stable, and I always have a banana or cereal bar in my bag just in case.

Hope you're feeling ok now!

I have low blood pressure and am hypoglycemic. I have a friend with GSD (glycogen storage disease) who actually pointed it out to me. She has to have corn starch every 5 or so hours, and hers is one of the mildest cases out there. Her brother has it a lot worse and needs daily shots, has muscle problems, and enlarged organs. Anyways, I know for me I always have something with simple starches just in case. I know a lot of people diss the sugary things or the simple starches, but honestly without it I shake very easily and get dizzy. Eventually my body will start using its stores to provide my body with sugars, but its bad for you to let it get too low. Keep some diluted juice on you or something for such occasions.

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