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 Ok so this is very embarassing but I have to ask because I could never talk about this with my parents and my friend didn't know the answer.  But I recently just got a FULL/Heavy period. I also had sex while I was on my period (drunken mistake!) and I think maybe the tampon I had got pushed up there and I forgot I had it in.  I started noticing that my vagina smelled really BAD and I thought maybe I caught a STD or something, or maybe it was because it was the first time I had sex in over a year? Or maybe it was from my period.  But it started smelling fouler and fouler as the days went on.  Just 20 minutes ago I felt a tampon in my body when I knew my period was already over.  I took it out and it looked like it had been stuck up there for a LONG time.  It was brown and nasty and smelled REALLY foul.  I was noticing brown stains in my underwear too.  I think this is the result of the tampon being stuck up there for so long. But I'm unsure if that's the explaination for the smell. I think it is. But does anyone have any thoughts?  Pleasethis was very embarssing to mention!


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You're probably OK now that you've got the tampon out again. That would have been the source of the smell.  If you'd left it, however, you could have experienced a rare but very nasty problem called 'toxic shock syndrome'.  

Check out the link I've posted.  If you feel fine, then don't worry.  But if you experience any of the symptoms listed then do go to see your doctor straight away.  Good luck

thanks GI-jane! i have a good feeling it will go away now that its out

outch, it sounds nasty :(

if you any weird symphoms make sure to check wt your OB/GYN, leave all your emberrasment at the door and talk to a doctor;

otherwise i'd think you are ok...

This same thing happened to me years ago but I couldn't get the darn thing out! I ended up going to the doctor to fish it out - very embarassing indeed!  They told me not to worry it happens to lots of girls.

my advice is to go see a doctor and get a test to see whether you have a bladder infection or even a vaginal infection, which can go away with antibiotics. You don't want to have consequences because it seems as if that tampon was in for a looong time (and thankfully you didn't get toxic shock syndrome as someone mentioned above). 

hope this helps!

So don't feel bad, it happens to more women than you (I'm an RN and I've been told horror stories) But trust me if you had TSS you would know already and probably be in the ER. So that's not really a concern. The only thing I'd be concerned about is infection from leaving the tampon in especially if it was scented (which can irritate the vaginal walls). I'd go to your gyno especially if you're still have discharge and/or foul smell. But please whatever you do don't douche or try to flush out your vagina! It first of all won't get rid of your infection and second will in all likelyhood make it worse or spread it farther up. good luck!

Don't be embarassed... but go to the doctor to make sure you don't need a course of antibiotics - you could have all kinds of infection in there.

I had to have my doctor look for a lost tampon when I was a young teen, and I had forgotten about it until your post.

Tampons are a great breeding ground for all sorts of nasty stuff. I would go to your doc, tell him what happened, and get tested for whatever infections he/she feels necessary. If you have an infection deep in there you might not even know about it - but it could affect your fertility if you don't look after it. 

If you want children latter on in life...I would go to the doctor just to be safe...Good luck

I would drink lots of water and cranberry juice and try to flush out my system just in case! I'm scared of getting UTIs so I always take lots of precautions! I don't know if that could cause a UTI but it would probably be a good idea anyway? That really sucks and that's really scary! Sealed

totally common. my friend just told me the other day that she didnt realize she drunkenly put TWO tampons in! I didn't even know that was possible...ouch!!

Let me tell you a little story about my lost tampon. It literally almost killed me.

I didn't know it was up there. Had a little too much to drink, forgot about it, blah blah blah

Stage 1: Urinary tract infection. Did an exam and the doctor found the tampon. Embarrassing!

Stage 2. UTI drugs didn't work. I got REALLY sick. Had a fever of 104. They thought my blood went septic and hooked me up to an IV. Very scary

Stage 3. OOPS! I'm allergic to the IV antibiotics. Swelled up, got hives everywhere and landed in the emergency room again

Stage 4. Odd pain in my pelvic region. Odd pain escalated to OMG KILL ME pain. Rushed to the ER again. They were prepping me for surgery because they thought I had a bowel obstruction because of how much my belly swelled up and the excrutiating pain I was in. Finally someone looked at my records and realized I probably had pelvic inflammatory disease. He examined me, touched an area on the inside of my you know what and I hit the ceiling. "yep, she has PID"

Look up PID. Apparently it's something hookers commonly get :(


and that's the story of my lost tampon


not to be stupid, but how does a tampon in your vaginal canal relate to a uti, unless you have a fistula or some other opening between the vagina and the bladder?

I have no idea, but it did. And a bad one that needed super-antibiotics. I'm guessing just the sheer amount of bacteria hanging out in the general area that aren't normally there after you leave a tampon in your hoohoo for almost a week

If it seems to be getting better on its own now that the tampon is out, just clean the area (outside) with warm water, no soap, and wear loose-fitting cotton panties for a few days (more breathable than synthetic fabric). But I agree with christine that you should definitely schedule a doctor's appt. if the discharge/smell doesn't clear up within a day or so of it coming out.
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ohhh geez   yes it has happened to me too.  I must have used 30 douches to try to rid myself of the unknown odor.  I eventually had the tampon show itself-damn I had no idea!  The whole problem cleared up within a few hours never to return-OMG I never thought I'd hear of this happening to anyone else!  tee hee

My husband was like ewwww babe - I love you sweet

This exact same thing happened to a friend of mine - except hers was pushed far into her cervix.  She ended up with TSS.  You should be very careful- however rare it is a potentially deadly condition. Watch for a fever.  It's something that I wouldn't mess with...  if you can, call your ob/gyn and make an appointment for testing, your doctor can advise you further. I think for my friend it was a couple serious rounds of antibiotics.

Can I just say...yikes.  I've never forgotten a tampon...mind you I don't get drunk either.  Sounds like there's a bit of a correlation?  Maybe ease back on the alcohol?  Or go on the pill continuously and skip your period altogether.

jill you're totally right, none of us should be betting so drunk that we do something that dumb but sadly for some of us, it happens Embarassed

too much beer+drunk sex=me almost dying over a forgotten tampon!

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this is the funniest thing ever..... well it was just about 20 mins ago for me as well.... all of these symptomes i was going through in the past two weeks.... i was wondering why i had the most foulest smell ever. i thought it maybe cuz of the day after pill but the i realized why would i have wierd brown discharge. it is to early to go to the doctors right now bcuz all of my room mates are sleeping so i have to wait for someone to take me just a couple more hours.... how embarassing is that..... it happens good stuff. DRUNNKEN- PERIOD-- SEX= LOST TAMPON AND NASTY SMELLING VAGINAS HAHAHHAHA

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