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losing weight after surgery?

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I hope I'm posting this in the right section.

Lately, I've had a vigourous excercise regime - on most days, I do two to three hours of cardio, and have been losing weight at a steady, healthy pace.

However, I have surgery on Monday. It's a minor surgery - I should be fully healed within 3 weeks, but I want to know if there's a way to continue losing weight steadily during the healing weeks.

Are there certain foods that would be better to eat to keep your metabolism high, certain types of excercise I could be doing even while recoving from surgery, etc.?

Thank you for your help in advance! :)

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The main thing to do is to recover from the surgery.  If it's very minor, that shouldn't take too long but you shouldn't plan on 'dieting' as such.  Choose a good variety of different nutritious foods so that if your appetite is affected at least your immune/repair systems stand a chance. 

Once you're recovered from the initial effects of the surger you'll need to tailor your food intake to your new level of activity.   Even if you can't do three hours of cardio you can probably be active to some degree but be realistic about it.   Maintain a 500-700 cal difference between the calories going out and the ones you eat.

Ways to keep metabolism high besides activity..... Eat regularly (don't skip meals), choose good quality wholefoods and Low-GI unrefined carbohydrates (so that your digestion has to work a little harder to process them) & stay well-hydrated


3 weeks of recovery will be negligible to your overall weight loss... and, seriously, 2-3 hours a day of cardio? That's a whole lot of time spent working out, mama.

While you are ill or recovering from illness / surgery, you will burn more calories then normal, anyway - your body will be using up energy to make new cells, tissue and antibodies, etc. So relax, eat healthy, and get back to your normal schedule when you feel up to it. If you don't rest, you are at risk for a relapse or injury, which will set you back further in the long run.

Wow....what jumped out at me is that you exercise 2-3 hours everyday!! Are you an athlete? Or are you training for a triathlon or a marathon? I exercise roughly 1.5 hours everyday, and I know my therapist was concerned that I could possibly have exercise bulimia (I don't...I'm training for a triathlon). You need to ask yourself why you're exercising so it because you feel guilty for eating too much food? Do you feel the need to burn a certain number of calories each day? Or do you exercise because you love it - not because you want to lose weight? Exercise bulimia is about your mindset. If you have a reason to be exercising that much, then that's one thing. But just be careful. 

As far as your surgery goes, I suggest taking a couple of weeks off from exercising. I had a minor surgery, too, this past December, and I took a good 3-4 weeks off from exercising. Even though it's minor, your body will need all the energy it can to heal your wound, not to be spent at the gym. Trust me, your body will be working hard and burning enough during this time. Don't try to lose weight during this time period; your body needs sufficient nutrients. Focus on maintaining and eating healthy. Hope your surgery goes well :-)

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