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How to lose weight while having Slipped Disc (herniated disc)

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I got slipped disc early last month and now recuperating slowly.  So how am i supposed to lose weight since exercising might exagerate the pain?
Been eating alittle less than how i used to, ever since but amazingly lost about 2KG.

Im an Asian Male, 5 feet 8inch, and my current weight is 79 kg. It's pretty frustrating not being able to exercise.  I cant do much house chores now, nothing that includes lifting or any that might injure my back again.

Has anyone else ever encounter this situation and still lose weight healthily?

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Most of losing weight is eating.  I don't exercise except for an occassional dog walk. 

When I was on the Michael Thurmond 6 week program, I lost a whole lot of weight without exercising at all.   I'm no longer on the program because it's more restrictive than I want, but I learned a lot of helpful tips, like drinking water, and reading labels for sodium, eating less carbs, and eliminating the processed foods.  These are all things that will make a big difference.

Here's to a speedy recovery!

I've had some experience with spine issues all my life. After an early childhood injury I had occasional migraines into my teens. At 15 I had a migraine that lasted for 2 months (I was home schooled for my remaining high school years). An x-ray showed that my spine starting just below the base of my neck is shaped like a lightning bolt. I'm a 5'5" female who also helped put a roof on a house many years ago and ended up with an injury similar to yours. I've been blessed with a wonderful chiropractor, my visits are now few and far between. I don't know your feelings towards them but they've been a Godsend to me.

Not being a medical pro all I can share are my thoughts. ciana has a great point, use the tools on this site and keep your eating habits healthy and full of nutrition especially those nutrients that enrich your muscles and eliminate toxins. You definitely don't want to aggravate your disc, it'll just make recovery that much longer. I actually did pilates and some gentle yoga and it seemed to help me heal faster. Just an idea! I'll send some healing thoughts your way!

I ruptured a disk, and the fragment pushed on a nerve for several years. The stuff that squishes out is very inflammatory and takes years for the body to absorb. But, maybe yours is just bulging, and not ruptured.

My take it that you need to stay as active as possible to retain your range of motion while scar tissue forms to cover the bulge.  As soon as you can move around some, have a physical therapist give you specific exercises that will prevent future episodes. 

There is a common cycle of 1)back injury 2)avoidance of certain movements and activities 3) the weaker back is then injured more easily. The final culmination is usually something like lifting a stack of laundry from washer to dryer and completely blowing a disk out, requiring surgery. Don't go that route. Get a PT to show you how to "activate" your multifidus muscles (stability muscles along the spine) because any injury causes them to spasm, or become uncoordinated/inactive.

Thanks everyone for the input on this.
@oldguysrule- thanks for the advice. i believe i ruptured mine, as the MRI scan shows the disc came out of it's place and hits my nerve that goes down my left leg.  Now going to physiotheraphist 2times a week, the exercises shown by them really helped.
@gb4enoexcptn & @ciana - Spot on, diet really did helped me lose weight.  I just checked my weight yesterday and im down by another Kilo.  Will keep note on your advice.


Lots of Luck and happy thoughts on your recovery! And remember to be patient :) !!! Let us know how you're doing!

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