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Loose Skin and Stretch Marks after Weight Loss? Body Wraps?

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I am starting to get to a point in my weight loss where my skin is feeling a little loose.  It makes me look bigger then I am, especially on my arms.  I still plan to lose a lot more weight.  Here are my stats:

23 year old Female, 5'4 1/2"

Highest: 230  Current: 187.5  Goal: somewhere between 130-140

So, obviously I have a long way to go.  However, I have loose skin and left over stretch marks that I don't need anymore!  Does anyone have any suggestions for these issues?  I have heard about body wraps helping to tighten up skin.  They say you lose inches all over from tightening up the skin (NOT actual weight loss).  Has anyone tried body wraps?

Any input, past experiences, or advise is welcome and appreciated!

Happy New Year! 

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Bump I'd like to hear about anyone with body wrap experience too :)

At your age and with the total amount of weight you will be losing, don't worry about it at this time. What you should be doing is keep your skin clean and moisturized. Massage it, do stretches and weight training. Those help the issue for real. It will take up to a year for your skin to readjust as far as it will go. Save the money on wraps. They are a temp fix that work by dehydrating you. They've discussed this on various shows, and it's not a real fix. It works for a night out on the red carpet for starlets, not real people on a day by day basis. The people who sell then won't say this. They will say it'll help because they want your money. There is no REAL scientific basis for this. If you are truly concerned, see a dermatologist and/or plastic surgeon and get input from them on your particualr skin. Those people know skin and what does and doesn't work for a given skin type. Water, rest and good nutrients, no smoking and limiting smoky places as well as limiting sun exposure are also your skin's friends. Helthy living makes the most beautiful skin long term.

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Okay I know that this is a semi-old post but I have ACTUAL experience with body wraps.  I have been doing a weightloss program through my doctor.  She actually offers a body wrap free after you loose 20 or more pounds because the wraps DO work.  They tighten your skin up and that makes you loose inches and those inches are permenant, I highly doubt that my doctor would lie to me about something like that.  I lost a total of 8.25 inches after my first wrap and I could tell a big difference in how my skin felt afterwards.  I am fixing to buy a kit to start doing them from home because my doctor said that it is good to do them after about each 20 pounds of weightloss or even after 10 just to detox and tighten.  If you dont do this then loosing large amounts of weight will leave loose skin and no amount of rubbing lotion and massaging is going to tighten it up, not after loosing as much weight as you have.  That might work for someone who was semi-thin to start with and lost like 5 or 10 pounds.  And you age doesnt have anything to do with it like nightvine said, I am 26 so I am only a few years older than you.  The wrap that my doctor uses is called M'lis incase you are wondering and the kit that I am fixing to by today is called the body compacter from I will let you know if it works good after I try it in a couple of days.  It is only 60 after shipping and enough to do 6-8 wraps. 

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I wanted to follow up with you on your wraps to see how they have been going. :) Ive lost about 70 thus far and I am researching skin tightening solutions. Thanks!!
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