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How long will it take for the weight to distribute properly?

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Good news! Because I've been reactive eating a lot and probably eating 4000+ cals every day lately, I've finally started to gain some actual weight! I gained quite a bit of both fat and lean muscle(so I actually look better now than I did at this weight pre-ED!), but.....most of the fat that I've gained so far has gone straight to my stomach D:  Now I know that this normal during recovery, as I read something about it in one of hedgren's posts, that my body is afraid I'll starve itself again so its storing all the fat into an easily accessible area. And I know that this is just temporary(because if it weren't I'd totally be freaking out right now), as already I notice it distributing throughout my body more evenly over time, as I've actually noticed some very subtle differences in my face, wrists, and thighs. My question is, how long will it take for most of the weight to finally leave my stomach and distribute normally if I continue to not restrict and consistently feed myself? Days? Weeks? Months?

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CONGRATS! That's awesome that youre gaining! 

As for your question it depends on many things: For one, if youre still gaining, youre not done with that so it may take longer to redistribute. 

Two, if you relapse it may take longer.

Three, it depends on the individual. I am now a BMI of 25 up from 18.2 and basically I have tons of fat in mah tummy. And it's only now beginning to redistribute little by little, 3 months after gaining and getting back my period. It may have happened sooner but I began overexercising and not eating enough to compensate. When the scale refused to budge from a BMI of 25, I thought Screw it, obviously exercising this much is NOT working. Now I don't exercise quite as much, and I eat TONS of food, and Idk if I've gained cuz I refuse to weigh myself but I can feel my ab muscles coming in nicely, and my tummy fat is beginning to distribute! So awesome, but it's sooooo weird cuz I'm eating more than my maintenence should be and it completely goes agiainst everything I've learned with calories in/calories out. Idk, it's weird.

ANYWAY (sorry for straying haha), basically, it could even take years for your body to finally settle down. Dancerqueen on here said that she reached a BMI of 26 and it took a few years before everything settled down, but that was without overexercising or restricting in any way! So this process teached you patience. Hold on hun, cuz it may take awhile. Or no time at all :) 

Edit: double post. My bad!

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