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How long did you stay home after your gallbladder was removed????

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Clearly, I need a surgery. After spending a night in the emergency room because of the pain.

I have stones and they are moving and causing pain. I get attacks only after eating fatty foods. so my doctor suggests that I need to speak to a surgeon.

I have two questions:

1- can I just avoid the surgey by avoiding fatty foods ( the only cause of the attacks.)?

2- if I will have to get this done, how many days should I excpect to be home after the surgery??

Thanks in advance.
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1- Some people may suggest that you could avoid the surgery, but it's really better to just get it over with. Besides, you'll be missing out on tons of vital nutrients by cutting out fats.

2- I stayed in the hospital for 24 hours after my surgery andwas walking normally the next day. Recovery time depends on the person, but it's almost always less than a week and often only a few days until you can function normally again.

Speak to a surgeon for the most valid info.

Thank you so much. I think it is not that bad.

yes, I agree about the fatty foods. I can't eat any nuts any more.

Beef fat did me in back in 2006 and I had the surgery.  

As long as everything goes well, you should be up and around within a day or 2.  You are going to have pain but it will get better (thank you pain pills!)   Within a week, I was driving (My heart rate and blood pressure dropped coming out of surgery and I had a week restriction on driving) , The following Monday after that, which was 10 days later, I was back at work and the pain was minimal.

Note- unless you have loose around the waist pants with the buttons or studs, don't wear them. The closures on my pants  hit right at my belly button which was one of the surgical cuts.  I did not button pants for about 2 weeks.  Ouch! lol

I'm back eating my favorite foods - including beef.  However I have noticed that I cannot eat as much in one sitting as I use to - I don't digest quite as fast.  

I'd vote for surgery - having gallbladder attacks are not fun - massive pain and everything in my body escaping like rats on a sinkig ship!

Here's what I was told. (I had bad attacks 2 nights in a row)

If I had to go to ER and have surgery it would be the regular cutting surgery that  takes longer to recover from.  BUT, if I scheduled it, I could have ? (not sure what it was called maybe laprascopy), the outpatient surgery.  Which is what I chose.  Drove myself to the hosp at 6:00 am. Got a ride home at 11:00 a.m.  I did have pain after, but had pain pills.  Couldn't drive for a week.  I only have 3 tiny scarres, the longest was 1".

I was told before surgery that possibly I could avoid it by not eating fats, and eating lightly, fruits, etc.  I decided I didn't want to take a risk and be out of town and end up having surgery by a strange doctor or not get to a doctor in time.

After, I was told my GB was diseased and it was a good thing I had it out when I did.

P.S. I did drive to a nearby store 2 days later to get soda.

1st of all get it removed.  My mother was told to have hers removed and opted to control her attacks by watching what she ate.  Over 10 years later and a long story made short she ended up with Gallbladder cancer and died less then a year after she was diagnosed.  I did lots of research and one of the things they think causes gallbladder cancer is the build up of bile (toxins) when the stones block the proper flow of the bile. (something the doctors never said could happen.)

2nd to answer your question I was in college when I had mine removed and went back to class 3 days later, but didn't go back to work for a week because I was told not to lift anything for a week and my job had some lifting involved.

The recovery process really depends on whether you have it lapiscopically or they need to do it the old fashioned way.

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Full fat cheese got me 10 years ago. Had it out and was home next day and back at the gym the following day.(gently at the gym)

trust me, get it out.

i wouldn't know how it would be after surgery, but i have gallbladder disease (chronic cholecystits) & i'm getting mine out on may 22nd. and i'm only 20! it definitely isn't fun, i feel extremely nauceous ALL the time and get frequent attacks - but no stones. i'm seriously looking forward to this surgery, feeling better, and living life without feeling nauceous 24/7.

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Pizza did it for me.

I had mine out laparascopically (?) on Monday 5/6 about 9:30 am went home about 7:00 pm and back to work on Wednesday 5/8.  I actually haven't had any pain, haven't even taken so much as a tylenol.  The staples are aggravating the life out of me though!  I will get them out this week on the 14th.  I highly recommend having it removed, because it gets to the point that you just can't control it by what you eat.  I made it one month until my scheduled surgery date but wouldn't have wanted to go any longer.  Good luck

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oops, double post!

Mine needs to be removed too. They do have a medication that shrinks the gallstones. It starts with a U. I can't think of it right now, but it keeps the attacks at bay until I get my surgery in Dec.

The surgery itself shouldn't be too bad. I hear people are fine after a few days. You will need to have a drain put in which is pretty yucky, and i'm not sure how long that stays in for... but i'd say take that many days off so you're not walking around with yuck in public.

I always avoid fatty foods, but fat doesn't really set mine off. Mine sets off whenever it feels like going off (except i've been taking that medicine so I haven't had an attack in abouttt a month) and the attacks are sometimes twice - three times a day (NOT APPRECIATED) and last anywhere from 1-2 hours. I'm getting the thing out of me just as soon as my insurance covers it <- pre diagnoses clause. :)

I would definitely have it taken out. I had severe pain when I was pregnant and was told I had gallstones and would need surgery after I had the baby. Well I was one of those that didn't want to have the surgery and felt like I didn't have time for that. I was completely miserable for a year. Finally when I had had enough I had it out. I was at the hospital for a half day. I had it taken out on a Thursday and was back at work on Monday morning. There was no drain that was put in either. I haven't actually heard of that. I have 2 other friends that had theirs taken out also.
Original Post by brandy1016:

There was no drain that was put in either. I haven't actually heard of that. I have 2 other friends that had theirs taken out also.

I was reading some guys blog and he had pictures and everything of the drain. Um.. it was like a tub and a bag. I dunno? Quite gross. Was your surgery done with the 3 holes? Like I said, I haven't had it yet, just pointing out what i've read myself.

x17star17x: Can you send me a link to that blog?? Gosh, if this is the case, I will not do it.
Yeah I had 3 holes, one in my belly button, (which kindof grossed me out a little) and 2 other tiny holes. But there was no drain bag, thank God-because that would have totally freaked me out. There was actually no stiches or staples or anything that needed to be removed by the Dr. afterwards either. There was just some kindof of glue strips that came off eventually after a week or 2. The surgery itself was fine and I really wasn't in a whole lot of pain. The only bad thing that happened was I was very nausea for a few days-very sick to my stomach. But that was a reaction to the anthesia and as soon as I got anti-nausea meds I was fine.
I am very stressed out over this. so it is not one hole?? will I get a very visible scare after the surgery?:((
 I had mine out 11 years ago.  I went home the same day.  the next day I walked normally.  I had to watch what I ate for awhile, till I fully recoverd from the surgery.  Within a week, I was back to normal.  Have 3 tiny scars that I cant even find.  I have to watch the fat I eat. If I choose to eat a piece of pizza, the rest of the day needs to be low fat or non fat.

It sure beats being miserable.  Get it out. schedule it so that you dont have to have major surgery.

The blog with the drain is most likely someone who waited til it so infected it burst when they tried to remove it (or before).  So they had to drain the infection from the area so it didn't spread. 

If you get it done before its bad it would be done laposcopically with 4-1 in cuts (one of which is in your belly button).  I had mine done a long time ago and I have 1 scar 1 inch long, that if I had listen to my mom and scar cream on it I probably wouldn't have it.

I think you should talk this over with your doctor and not make descions based off other what other people say.

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