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How long does it take for you to see the benefits from taking vitamins?

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I've been taking Evening Primrose Oil for a while now,and i feel like it is making a difference.It may be psychological but I definately feel better during TOM..less mood swings etc..

I have just started taking a one a day b vitamin complex and just wondered if anyone else takes it and what results you have got from them and how long did it take to notice any benefits,if any?

Thanks :) 

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I started taking vitamin b complex a while back, I kind of did it for the sake of it and wasn't expecting any results. I'd say it took about 2 weeks and I noticed my skin was a bit clearer, and I was 'glowing' a bit more. Who knows, it could have been a placebo effect. But I've stopped taking it (ran out basically) and my skin is friggin awful at the moment, but its been awful since my ED anyway.

Generally, I think it'll take as long as it takes theres not way of telling if it will help at all of help straight away, it depends how your body reacts to it, you might have enough vitamin b in your diet already, but hey your body might give you a suprise :)

Thanks:) I have noticed that when i don't take vitamin b my skin is a little more acne prone and run down.It may be all in my head but i feel its definitely working.I find it hard to get a lot of vitamin b in my diet:( what other sources can i get it from? I don't want to just rely on vitamin pills.

I notice that in about two weeks, I notice the effects of taking vitamins. I take a herbal mix called Three, and I love it. It makes my nails stronger and my skin better and I'm all-around more happy when I'm on it. 

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No vitamin or supplement I've taken seems to have made a blind bit of difference to me. I'm now not taking any except folic acid, and I keep forgetting that one.

I don't know... It ends up being a matter of faith whether they do anything if you've got a balanced diet. I do take a great deal of care about my veggies, iron, calcium etc. from diet alone.

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