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How long does it take to cleanse the liver

after being drinking alcohol almost daily (not binge drinking) for several years?


I am not into these detox programs but want to know how long to abstain before drinking again at 'safe levels'

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It takes roughly one hour to process 1 unit of alcohol.  So if you drank a large (250ml) glass of red wine (about 3 units) your liver has dealt with it 3 hours later.   You can't 'cleanse' a liver exactly ... but you can give it less work to do.

For safe drinking aim for no more than 2-3 units in a day (3-4 if you're male) and always get 3 or more consecutive alcohol-free days per week.  If you've been regularly drinking more the recommended amount that is technically binge drinking and you may have damaged your liver to some degree.  There is no way to test this and no way to 'repair' a damaged liver but you can stop adding to the damage.

Good luck and good decision to cut back

Great link gi-jane!

Cheers Mike! *lifts glass of ice water with lemon*

Silybum marianum L



*The above herbs as well as vitamin D & Digestive Enzymes will help you achieve a healthy liver. It does take time for your liver to regenerate itself, but luckily it does! 

Artichokes, broccoli, cabbage, seaweed and radishes have a proven track record of being good for the liver - Basically all fiber is good for it too! :) Don't forget the healthy fat as well, from nuts, olives/olive oil, flaxseed/oil, fish, avocados, etc! 

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