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Lithium/Under active Thyroid and S L O W metabolism frustration!

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Two years ago I was put on Lithium for Bipolar Disorder which gave me an Under active Thyroid.  I came off it last Feb (2009) as the two had made me gain 5 stone. The worst being 3 stone 1 month!! Since coming off I have lost one stone but my weight has been the same since July this year.  I am really frustrated!

Has anyone else out there been having a SERIOUS problem with metabolism.  How long was it before it restored it's self?

Been going to the dietician for a year now... tried eating more, less and the G.I diet so far.  I'm new on here so this is a new trial to see if I loose weight!  

I would LOVE to hear a Thyroid or Lithium success story.  It's soul destroying to know that I have always been a healthy eater with a very healthy weight and now I have no control due to illness and meds.

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Are you on any medication for the low thyroid ?? Or has that corrected itself since you're no longer on the meds for Bipolar ??  And how long has it been since you've had a blood test?

Yes I'm on 100mg for my Thyroid.  My level is perfect and I feel great! I am on meds for Bipolar (Tegretol) just not Lithium anymore.  Had a blood test a month ago.  I get checked every six weeks.  Thanks for your reply.  Any thoughts?

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