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Lightheaded. And hungry.

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For the last week or so I've been hungry a lot and also feeling lightheaded.

I was eating 1200 cals or so for a long time (and felt just fine) and just recently started upping my calories (for maintenance) so it's weird to me that now I am starting to feel what would otherwise seem like symptoms of not eating enough.

I started being hungry when my TOTM ended so I thought it was related to that but it hasn't gone away. The dizziness I attributed to my body fighting some sort of bug that was going around (a few other people were feeling off the same days that this started for me) but again, that hasn't gone away.

Any ideas? on what it might be or how I might find out what it is or what I should do?
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eat more. not to be obvious but when youre light headed. eat more. drink more water. sleep more. take care of yourself and listen to your body-- it knows what it needs more than you do.
It makes a differnece what you're eating too. Eat about 6-10 ounces of lean meat, chicken turkey, fish or seafood every day. Eat 7-9 servings of fruit and veggies. Eat a small amt of whole grains. Eat some dairy. Stay away from processed foods. Include black beans in your diet. With this way of eating, I'm bettin you'll feel better, and manage your weight well, too. Oh, and drink at least 64-100 ounces of plain water every day and 24-32 ounces of green tea.

Best wishes.
If you're dizzy/light headed shortly after getting hungry that's usually a sign of low blood sugar... another possible cause of dizzyness is low blood pressure but since this is a recent occurance it's not a likely cause... while it might not be serious and simply related to the change in your diet recently you should definately get checked by your doctor if it continues... next time you get light headedthough pop a piece of hard candy and suck on it.  It should help both with being light headed and the hunger.  After you do that while you're sucking on the candy prepare yourself a well balanced meal with plenty of starches.  These should help you prevent the light headedness from coming back.
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I *have* been eating more which is why this is weird to me. I also drink a TON of water and even wondered if I was drinking too much. I eat a very balanced diet although compared to humorpam's suggestions I probably eat a bit fewer fruits & veggies (usually 5-7) and a bit more whole grains (usually some with every meal. I love my grains!)

I do eat some processed food for convenience since I live alone and it is difficult to make everything from scratch for one person. I know, I've heard all the tips and tricks but I am busy and sometimes it is just not practical to make a week's worth of meals over the weekend because I have other things to do! But overall I think my diet is pretty healthy and clean.

The lightheadedness is not always correlated with hunger but when I get lightheaded I do tend to reach for food (usually crave grains). It has been happening when I get up from sitting down for a while, for example. Also for some reason it feels like it happens when I've been drinking a lot of water/tea and my stomach is full of liquid but I might be way off there.

I guess I'll give it a few days to see if it goes away and if not I'll try to get a blood test to see if I have any deficiencies...
have your blood pressure checked... what you just described <<It has been happening when I get up from sitting down for a while, for example.>> is a classic symptom of low blood pressure... if you want to avoid the doctor visit and you'd like to check on your own most pharmacies have monitors for public use.  If your BP is low it's not a huge issue, you should still appraise your doctor of it but most likely he/she'll just tell you to take more time when you get up from being seated.
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