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Laxative Tea

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Seeing as I'm constipated more often than not (despite proper fiber/water intake and exercise), I thought I'd give a senna laxative tea a try rather than actual laxatives (hello, cramps). The one I bought has senna leaf and extract, fennel, licorice, ginger, peppermint, and other things. Has anyone here used laxative teas before? Do they actually work? Is it better to drink a cup in the morning or at night?

Please share your experiences! Thanks

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honestly, I would try prunes before you tried the tea.  I would drink it at night and wake up at 4 am and be on the toilet for over a half hour.  It is also easy to become addicted to much like the over the counter laxatives.  Then when you try to stop using it, you'll be more constipated than you were before you tried using it.

Just be very careful, if you feel like your constipation is unhealthy consult your doctor about other ways of relieving it. 

i used to drink some kind of weird laxative tea, it is not really described as having 'slimming' effect, but it says that it is 'known to have slimming effect', well it actually doesn't do much at all i think, a bag of that tea contains some various herbs that work as natural laxative and that's all. I used to drink one in a week, because i just liked its scent and smell, but i still remember one day, when i coincidently thought that tea my mom bought was green tea... and i drank like 5-7 cups of it a day... by the time i realized i was quite shocked, but anyway i had to spend half a night in the toilet and other half in bed with severe belly pain o_O

i use smooth move laxative tea. it works for me, a cup or two a day. good luck =)

I use Senna tea every so often b/c I have the same problem as you. However, it seems to me like the tea isn't really all that different than taking over the counter laxatives - the main ingredient in many of those is Senna as well.

The only advantage of the tea is that you can shorten the brewing time to get less of an effect - which can cut down on cramps. Takes a while to find the right brewing time for you - but I would start with 3-4 minutes, and work your way up. Might help!

Thanks for the replies. I had a cup last night (I made it rather strong) and it seemed to do the trick this morning. No diarrhea, it didn't wake me up early, and I barely had any cramps, just a stronger urge to go. It tastes pretty decent too!

I'll definitely be careful NOT to overdo the tea, because yeah, it basically is like a laxative pill (isn't senna that stuff that they put in a lot of laxative pills?) and I don't want to be unable to have a bm without it. But it certainly is a nicer option than ex-lax when nothing else will unplug me. I have been to the doctor about constipation and it wasn't really helpful. Prunes and other things that work well for people with mild constipation don't do anything for me, as my constipation is not a result of a diet that lacks fiber.

I started taking a chinese tea that is called golden slim tea. The first couple of days you go to the toilet a lot and you get alot of stomach cramps. i drink it in the morning after breakfast and at night before i go to bed. i love it i was never constipated but this is great it taste good, it helps relax and sleep good, and in the first week i lost 10 pds. I don't get cramps anymore and i only go to the toilet about 45 minutes after i eat. so its great....

You may want to use the analyzer to make sure  your taking in a enough fiber and possibly look at increasing that amount. Most people dont get anywhere near enough fiber, Im very conscience of it and still have a hard time. I find carrots and leafy greens the most effective, but everyone is different.

Though i have never found a hot tea that provided any noticable health effects other than for a sore throat I have  found Kombucha (especially with ginger) to be very helpful in regulating motility.


Hope this helps!

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Hi Lena, just be aware thar senna can be addictive...

To avoid constipation and treat my digestion I drink daily a mixture of Fennel, peppermint, Dendelion, stevia, chamomile and verbena and it works great by preventing chronic constipation, gas, flatulence and bloating. It called GalileEase tea by galilee tisanes and is very tasty. Best thing is that it's already sweetened be the stevia.

The recommended 25 grams daily of fiber is not nearly enough for me. My body seems happiest and most regular with closer to 50 grams, which can be unrealistic on some days. So i take a product called Konsyl in the evenings - it's like Metamucil but about 3 times the strength. No cramps. No nighttime bathroom visits. No diarrhea. Just a perfectly quick and effortless morning bm. You might give it a try!



Have you tried ground flax seed? Taking 1-2 tbsp a day will give you healthy omega 3 fats and will also get things moving!  You should also try figs or fig paste--senna can be very addictive and it can actually end up making things worse in the long run.  Homeopathic meds are very safe and a good alternative too. One  you could try is carbo vegetablis 30CH.  IT's VERY good and helps with bloating too.  

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