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You know you're a recovering anorexic when...

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Thought it might be fun to add some humor to our quest for normalcy!

Add anything you think of!

Here's a few to get you started:

You know you're a recovering anorexic when:

--you DON'T buy something at the grocery store because it is too "low-cal"

--you can cram 700 calories into a bowl of cereal, and have fun doing it

--you dream of HAVING hips ;)

--you would request a 500 lb tub of peanut butter if being exiled to a deserted island

--you know that being able to "eat whatever you want and not gain an ounce" is totally not what it's cracked up to be

--you rue the term "fast metabolism"

--you secretly want to smack every woman that asks you your "secrets" to staying thin

--you have an ex named Ed, and you've never been married!

--you know that the term BMI for you means "Better Make (another) Increase"!!

Any others?

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i think this is stupid and demeaning and don't agree with any of it

~signed, recovered anorexic.

Original Post by joanne811:

i think this is stupid and demeaning and don't agree with any of it

~signed, recovered anorexic.

why do you see this as stupid & demeaning?

yeah I dont see it as stupid at all. It's serves as relief to add a bit of humor to the recovery process.

I dont see anything wrong with it.

i think its good, and it made me laugh for the 1st time in ages, so thank you

I really did not mean for this to be I apologize. However, after looking at some of your recent postings, joanne, I might hesitate to say you are fully recovered...

Remeber--the ability to laugh at yourself is important for mental health...and that is straight out of my psych nursing textbook!

Again, if people really feel this is rude, I will remove it.

*glad you got a laugh xmasbaby!!

we need humour in our lives!!!! hehe

I guess I can understand why someone would be offended, but I think it's sort of nice when you're recovering and can actually laugh about it to a small extent... We don't want recovery to be a complete bitch, right? ^_~

haha i loved this! my metabolism still has yet to awaken from its dormant state, so i cant relate to alot of this yet :/

but i surely remember these things from my last bout! lol

my 1,000 calorie oatmeal...

2 packets kashi heart to heart, apples and cinnamon

2 Tbs  peanutbutter

1 cup milk

2 eggs beaten into oatmeal

2 scoops vanilla whey protein

delicouse. use a huge ass bowl though! i would typically make it stove top and eat it from the pot. haha

haha, i love this! I definitely think we need to be able to laugh at ourselves. It makes this whole thing a lot easier. I know i've ready through tons of posts on here and laughed out loud and I think it really helps me to actually write something out just to get a better perspective of how absurd I can be. Thanks for starting this!

for me:

you know you're a recovering anorexic when you have at least 3 different jars of nut butters in your pantry at once.

your "pie chart" on the nutritional analysis regularly shows 50% fats

having the ability to make a salad high cal

oh the high cal oatmeals! they've saved me many nights.

and I do hate the people that make comments regardless of whether they are positive or negative. just don't say anything about my weight!

julz- you should post that under support recipes!

I love this!

you know you're a recovering anorexic when:

you start resenting people who can eat healthily

you are so bored of biscuits

you long for a piece of celery


I personally am on my second jar of peanut butter this week, and it's only thursday!

...You long for a piece of celery...


I love this thread, personally; as has been said you have to laugh at it once in a while! I always laugh at my scales to stop me from freaking out at them. I found out I'd lost (though by 0.5lbs only, which was a slight relief as we moved a lot and I was worried where I got ill) after my holiday:

Claire: "Ellie, what is it?"
"I've LOST half a damn pound!"
Claire: "... I'll swap."

She gave me such a wierd look. Ahh, the joy of recovery~

haha i love ive been in a suck mood and this has lifted it:)



you know your reocvering when even fish piss you off........u have seen more than enough scales!

"Lighten up" o' humorless one.

You consider George Washington Carver the greatest inventor of all time.

You fully appreciate the meaning of, "No pain, no gain."

I'm trying to recover and this is the first time I've ever viewed my eating disorder in a humorous light with others struggling with the same thing as I am. Thank you for the uplifting post. I wish I were funny enough to think up a line to contribute, but I can't.

Love it! 

I'll be back to post something funny, once I remember I have a sense of humor. :)

-you're HAPPY when you pick up a packet and see a HIGH number of calories :)

-when you choose what you want, not what you "should want"

great line =)

Original Post by joanne811:

i think this is stupid and demeaning and don't agree with any of it

~signed, recovered anorexic.

Grow up. This is obviously her way of dealing with recovery, and to be honest a lot of us appreciate this. She's not making fun of people with anorexia or demeaning them - SHE SUFFERS TO!

Would it kill us all to smile?

My addition here - you go out for dinner with your friends who all order salad with low calorie dressing, and lecture them about how they need calories or they die, as well as protein and healthy fats (since you are now a pro, after all your nutrition groups!)

I really am glad that most people have enjoyed this!

Here's one that personally happened to me :)

when your brother says: "wow, you don't look like a crack addict now". (hope that was a compliment!!)

You nearly die when there isn't evaporated whole milk in the house and you need to cook your oatmeal with REGULAR milk..."Half the calories!! NOOOO!"

You do a happy dance at church (or some other public gathering) feeling the need to announce that you are now a size ONE to everybody there. "I'M NO LONGER INANIMATE!! WHEEE!"

You ask your gym teacher at school to excuse you from the arobics class and allow you to do yoga instead.

When "Goodness kid, you've gained so much weight!!!" is a compliment.

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