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Keeping Warm in Recovery

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I am a recovering anorexic, and I know that a lot of people recovering from EDs post on here, and I know that a common problem that people with EDs face is staying warm -- gah, does any body have any tips? I live in the Northeastern United States and it is bitterly cold. I do a LOT of walking around campus.

And I am sorry that I have been posting so much!!

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I'm not in recovery, but i totally know how you feel! Frozen fingers that feel like they'll fall off, and then hurt so bad as they warm up, toes that freeze after being outside for half a minute, a body that feels like you aren't wearing a coat, even though you are, a mind that can't think of anything but "I"M COLD and MISERABLE!!!!" And how much cold hurts...

 Invest in good mittens - mittens are better than gloves, your fingers keep each other company = More warmth :) Wear a scarf. Those things are amazing for keeping body heat in. Of course a hat - don't underestimate your headwarmth and how much it affects the rest of your body. Make sure you have warm socks and shoes. Wear layer upon layer, like an undershirt, long sleeved shirt (or two), a sweatshirt, and a heavy coat. Leggings under jeans help a ton. 

 I know this all sounds pretty plain old common sense "this is how my mother dressed me to go sledding", but I had to relearn dressing like this. And honestly, I never had to bundle up THIS much to play in the snow as a kid. I have to block out any chance for wind to reach my skin on my cold days or else I'm miserable!

I am not sure if you have them where you are but you should look into warming stones. Really all they are are just rocks you heat on your stove or radiator (or a microwave but I am not sure how safe that is). Heat them for a while (wrapped in a towel or something to not burn yourself when you pick them up) and put them at the foot of your bed when you sleep. Instant warm bed! So wonderful... mmmn I want to go to bed now. 

I keep them near me all the time. my hands get so cold when I type, so when I take a break I hold the stone in my hand and it brings warmth right back. Only problem is when my hands get too cold and numb the tingling tends to hurt. Any tips on how to avoid that would be wonderful. 

For walking around, nothing beats bundling well. Invest in good thermal underwear and thick tights (I got a nice pair from a store in the city for those with Diabetes to keep circulation going or something. but they are thick and warm) and just layer and layer and layer. 


Hi flor!  Same problem here, it's freezing at the moment!  I'll suggest a few things I've been doing

Use an electric blanket

Buy a gillet - they keep you oddly cozy

Hot chocolate and lots of it!

Wear leggings under trousers

Wear leg warmers and promote the 80s haha

Try and invest in some ski gloves



Hi flor

I am so the same. I am sitting here now with a hot water bottle up my top! I am wearing 4 tops, leggings under my jeans and long wooly socks. Layers are better as they trap the warmth between the layers.

I have a scarf that has some bean bags in. The bean bags go in to the microwave for a min then back in the scarf to make it nice and cosy.

A nice hot shower can help if you are strong enough to have one.

Lots of hot drinks, tea, coffee, cocoa, juice.

I also love having a ride in the heater so nice and warm!

I am so sorry like me you are so cold. It is horrid and miserable I know but dont let it get you down. Summer will soon be hear.

Hugs xx

Finally! I thought I was the only one here with this problem! I live in front of the fireplace now. I recently bought a few pairs of leggings, which I wear under everything, and I layer like mad. I wear uggs alot, merely because they have enough space for me to comfortably wear two or three pairs of socks. Herbal tea, and really thick blankets at night help too.

Good luck everybody!


Nice to hear from you Elizabeth and hope you feel warmer soon. Its horrible being so cold but helps to know I am not alone. Leggings are a great friend and so much cheeper than thermals! Warm hugs xxx

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I always feel a lot warmer if I wear proper socks and shoes, and a scarf. And I get tea in between classes, which actually makes me too warm, haha. Also try adding lots of layers so you can adjust depending on your body temp.

double socks, gloves when you're out and bundle yourself up like an eskimo

hot water bottles are good too and so is tea or soup, when i was gaining and eating more i noticed i was much warmer than the rest, i don't know how much you're eating but that would help too

I used to be like this all the time, but actually since I started eating more I'm a lot warmer. But these are some things I relied on to keep warm.

Heating pads-these are supposed to be for sore backs/necks and stuff, but I used to sleep with one in my bed when I lived in a dorm. You just warm them in a microwave and put them wherever you want.

leg warmers/leggings/longjohns-For when you have to walk around outside when its cold.

hand warmers/feat warmers-I don't know where you're from, but if you're in the US, you can usually find these at Walmart or even some grocery stores. They're like these little bags and you just shake them and put them inside your gloves/socks and they last quite a while.

Hot cocoa/coffee/tea/cappuccino-hot drinks to warm you up, especially great first thing in the morning. You can also take it with you in a thermos when you go out.

Soup-One of my favorite meals ever is tomato soup and grilled cheese. Makes you feel warm inside and great for dinner!

Layers-layer you're clothing. I used to wear a thermal top, long sleeved t-shirt, heavy sweatshirt and jacket. For your legs, long johns, leg warmers, jeans and heavy boots. I wore thin gloves under heavy mittens, a hat and big scarf.

I definitely feel your pain in this weather. I live up in Maine, by Canada and our winter's are brutal! Good luck keeping warm!

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