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Itchy armpits??

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Ok, anyone else have this weird problem? A few weeks ago, my armpits started itching really bad...started with just the left one, but now it's both. They look kinda irritated too- probably from the scratching- and it's really bugging me! I haven't switched deodorant or laundry detergent or anything else I can think of. I tried not shaving for a few days, and that helped a little, but not totally. 

Anyone have any ideas on what this might be? 

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Deodorant often irritates my skin, and sometimes, you can suddenly become sensitive to things.  Try switching to a sensitive skin brand with moisturizer, like Dove.  And some people may think it is gross, but I can't wear deodorant every day.  Try taking a break from it alltogether for a few days if the sensitive skin version doesn't help.  Putting lotion on after a shower, then waiting a few hours for deodorant can help as well.

Also, lots of my clothes are tight in my armpits, which also causes irritation.  Could you have worn something that chafed there?

I will try switching to a different deodorant. Right now, if I put it on right after shaving, it stings pretty bad. No fun. Also a good suggestion about the tight clothes. I will try wearing some loose fitting stuff for a few days and see if that makes any difference. 

Thanks :)

Had the same problem. I went to a skin doctor who told me it's common to have allergic reaction to the perfume in the deodorant. Try getting a fragrance free one (without any perfume). Also, u shouldn't use deodorant on irritated skin, so try using aloe-vera to calm it down n then apply deodorant.

um. so whats crazy is, after reading this i decided to waste my time reading fmlife posts.

one was this:

Today, I went to the doctor to inquire about the rash I've been getting in my underarms, behind my knees and sometimes on my face. Turns out I'm allergic to sweat. I'm a varsity rugby coach, gym teacher, and I just shelled out a stack of cash to get a sauna and steam room installed in my house. FML

For your sake i'm hoping it's the fragrance in deodorant that's causing the trouble.

just had to share that.

Do you put deodorant on after you shave? I have sensitive armpits and if I do this, I get really itchy. So I never put deodorant on after I shave. I'll put it on 2-3 hours later. Best to shave night before though, then you can just sleep and put it on the next day.


I've never heard of being allergic to sweat, I know you can get a rash from sweating in those places, heat rash I think it's called.

Thanks for all of the replies :) Yes, I usually do put on deodorant right after I shave, so I am going to stop doing that, and will try to wait a few hours. I also went and bought some Dove Sensitive Skin, fragrance free deodorant, so hopefully that helps as well. 

I hope I'm not allergic to my own sweat...that would suck!

Certain bras do it to me too(under wire and ones with thick seams) and if the razor is dull(like my husband used it) Oh and if he has used it it means he used shave gel that doesn't agree with me. 

My oldest child suddenly broke out in a rash with no change around her, turns out she was having a reaction to the soap she has been using since she was a baby.  Random timing, but I was at a craft fair with my mom and found organic soap. It worked and she is good now.  Found out that the lady that makes it is the mother of one of her classmates.   I can send you the link to her site if you would like.  There are great types and other skin stuff too. her family has allergies so she started making it. 

Well, my reply is going to take a different tack.  I also got very itchy underarms when I was losing weight, are you losing?  I didn't go to a doctor but I concluded that the itchiness was a result of my shrinking skin since I was also getting stretch-like marks in the underarm area.  I treated the itchiness with over-the-counter hydro-cortisone cream and after I was at maintenance level for a few weeks the itchiness went away.

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What solution became of the itchy armpits. For the last few months I've the same symptoms. It started with the right armpit and now it's both. This is driving me crazy.

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