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Is there any way I can increase my bone size because I have a small body type i want to have a bigger bodytype so I can have bigger muscles anyone know how to do this? Can vitamins help me achieve this goal?
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No one can increase bone size...
oh ok thanks.
is it possible to decrease bone size?
You can only decrease or increase the density of the bone. The only other alterations to the bone are done through surgery. Which is usually only reserved for extreme cases.
Actually, we talked about this in my Anatomy and Physiology class.  Weight bearing exercise and strength training actually does more than add density--it does increase bone. (Not length, but width).  However, it won't increase it enough for you to see a difference in your body frame.
But if a small framed person were to gain a lot of weight, and by that I mean severely overweight, then wouldn't the bones grow width wise? Perhaps the hip bones, or knees so that they can hold more weight?

As of large framed bone structures, there's no way to reduce the size.

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Weight gain improves bone density, often, but not bone size, if you're already full-grown.

This is why osteoporosis is one of the few weight-related diseases for which thinness is a risk factor and being overweight ISN'T. The risks of being too heavy still are higher than the slightly higher tendency towards low bone density in the lighter people, though. My mother's normal weight is under 120 pounds and she's small-framed, so she's at increased risk for osteoporosis, but she's better off being physically active and doing weight-bearing exercises than gaining weight, because that would increase the risk of too many other diseases, especially in middle age.

But bone size is, AFAIK, stable.
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