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how do I increase? please help

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Hi everyone:) I've posted a few times on here and i was doing well in my recovery from anorexia. I was eating 3000 calories a day, but I recently suffered a major relapse and have come clean about it. I am back in starvation mode eating approx 800 calories, and that's rounding the numbers up.... I was lying to myself saying I was at least 1300. "oh this pancake can't possibly have 90, let's count it A's 300" stuff like that. I am currently 75 pounds at 5"4. I desperately need to increase and gain. I was ip for a month back in sep but all that resulted from that was psychosis and weight LOSS, go figure! So I guess my question is how do I increase my intake? Do I go straight to 1200 or do I increase little by little? Any advice or experience would rly help... Thanks
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Straight to 1,200? You need to go way higher than that.

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I think that going from 800 to 1200 isn't that big of a jump, so you can go straight to that amount, as everything below is a step backwards, in my opinion, and then keep upping back to those 3000 you were having, as soon as you feel you can do it without major discomfort. But really, as soon as you can add 200, or 300, or 400, do it!

Best wishes!

What worked best for me was increasing by about 100 calories a day or even every other day.  That was I wasn't emotionally overwhelmed and also seemed to avoid those awful night sweats that can come when your metabolism starts to go back up.   You can easily get 100 extra calories just from drinking a cup of milk.  Plus there's protein in it too. The hardest part for me is like you said: being honest about how much I am actually eating!  Are you working with a dietician?

Okay I'll try.. And I don't mean stopping at 1200, I just know that's my mini goal until I can get back up to 3000..... And no im not working w a dietitian.... There's none in my area(I live in a small town) Also do all dietians weigh u in a gown? I was ip back in sep and I ended up LOSING and having psychosis and panic attacks.... I have outpatient therapy.. I'm afraid if someone sees my weight I won't have a choice to go back ip. I have school and I cant do that to myself again... I fudged my last weigh in at the drs, he thinks I'm still 83ish w a sweatshirts and jeans, but I had 8 8oz glasses if water(8 pounds) so he didn't know about my relapse. He is really unsupportive and didn't believe I was actually eating 3000 calories And not gaining but I was before!!!!! It was a major trigger for me... I can't see a dietitian until I'm up alittle in weight.. I'm continuing To lose weight so ik I need to change. I'm 74.6 today and I'm sooooo scared and Ed is like "yay good job ur bmi is 12.8" which is horrible and I just dont know what to do. I'm so terrified with both rational and irrational fears....
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