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How to Increase Blood Pressure???

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Okay so I am in recovery from anorexia, but I just cannot seem to get my blood pressure back into the normal range...its always incredibly low in my vital sign checks and i am beginning to get really concerned (its been really low the past few times despite me increasing my intake) last time it was 84/62 laying down then jumped to 96/64 standing....which is a) unstable (the first reading) and b) also unstable that it jumped that much?

I have tried increasing sodium in my diet...adding more salt to my foods, etc....but nothing seems to be working? Anyone have any advice?

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I'm in the same boat as you, hun -- I had an almost thirty-pulse difference between my standing and sitting pulses.  Scary stuff.  I've also been increasing sodium, along with upping magnesium and potassium intakes.  If you're not taking a multi-vit, go pick one up!  My doctor's got me taking a magnesium supplement, myself.  Apart from that, just making sure I'm getting enough calories every day, and.. oh, yeah, I've been dousing things in cinnamon!  It's pretty fantastic for your heart, and I figure there's nothing to lose by eating more of it.

 Good luck!  I'm hoping hoping that all of that will help.

Be careful with cinnamon, it actually may lower your blood pressure.  Its great for your heart and blood sugar levels but can lower your blood pressure. 
Ack!  So glad you said that -- I actually cut it out a couple of days ago from fear of that, but then did some more research today and thought things looked positive.  Don't know how I missed out on that integral bit of info, must be blind..  thanks muchly.
Hi all

I had very low blood pressure ( not from anorexia  but from a health issue) and what helped me was drinking a gallon of water a day ( I know its a lot ) my doc said that keeping my fluid intake high would help. I also had 1/2 - 2 tsp. of salt mixed with the gal. and drank it throughout the day. If I was real bad I would have 1/2 tsp. salt with a glass of water when I woke up in the morning. Surprisingly the days I kept this up I did feel much better.

I hope this helps.

Thanks everyone for your replies...I'm going to try the whole saltwater thing/ staying more hydrated thing.
Today my vitals weren't too hot blood pressure was in the 80s systolic both laying and standing :( ...but then again everytime i go for vitals checks i have to go without liquids 3 hours prior to appts and get urine samples (because they think im waterloading which i am not :(

ahhh its just so annoying because even though my BP is really low, i dont feel the dizziness/phys symptoms from it...


Glad someone posted this. I've been worried about my own blood pressure myself.

wow...maybe I shoul be more worried about top number sometimes goes as low as 6o and my bottom is in the 50s...Im also in recovery, so maybe that has something to do with it.

in the 60's!!! Thats extremeley extremely low...i would get medical attention immediately. from the time i was hospitalised I learnt that 'unstable' is considered anything less than 90/45...and if the systolic changes more than 10 from laying to standing thats also unstable (example- laying down BP of 84/68, then standing of 96/58...thats unstable because there is a systolic diff of 12)

but 60s systolic is probably dangerous... :S

I know its very was actually really normal today, but its usually low when I first wake up in the morning...I usually wake up shaky and lightheaded too...but my doctor doesnt seem all that concerned haha..she just said it might go up if I eat great advice...grr...I get so angry with healthcare sometimes.

It would be a really really good idea to seek out a nutritionist, Cass87, dear! Tell your doctor that you've read enough to be concerned, and that you'd really appreciate some more specific advice. My pulse worried my doctor very much -- and it's higher than yours is, doll. Don't wait too long, and good luck!
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