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I'm going to stop eating 400 calories a day, and I have some questions.

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For almost 2 months I've been eating 400 calories a day and I felt so horrible. And worse, I didn't loose that much weight.

So from yesterday, I decided I would eat much more and be healthy. Yesterday I ate 600 calories, and today I'm going to eat 800 [and I'm going to be increasing it].

The thing is, this morning when I weighed myself I went up from 107.2 to 108.3

Is that weight gain normal [I only ate 200 calories more..], and will it be permanent? I also want to know what kind of weight gain I should expect.

What can I do to gain the least amount of weight as possible?

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You will gain some weight at first, but as soon as your body realizes that you won't be starving it anymore, it will stop holding on to your weight and you'll start losing again. What are your stats?  (age, height) That way we can know how much you should be eating.

I am almost 16 years old and 5' 3".

Could I estimate how much weight I would gain? 

You need to be eating at least 1500 (minimum for a teenage girl). Do not slowly increase - start eating enough now and stop damaging your body.

There are far more important things than the number on the scale.

eating 6 or 800 calories a day is extremely unhealthy and dangerous! You didn't lose much weight because your body was storing fat thinking it was starving! like amythestgirl said  MINIMUM of 1500 calories! your bmi is 19 which is fine for your age/height/weight so start eating before you end up in the hospital

You will gain weight the first few weeks. Approx 5 poundish (at least I did). It's just going to happen. I've been through this whole starvation thing myself. Your body will figure itself back out. It just doesn't trust you right now. Know what I mean?

Keep doing as you are, get to your dieting calories, and give it a few weeks. It will start coming back down. You just did this whole dieting thing the wrong way and now your body is making you pay up :)

She obviously knows that eating only 600 calories a day is unhealthy, otherwise she wouldn't be here asking for advice and trying to help herself.

I think you are going about it the right way - slowly increase your calories back up.  If you go right to 1500 then your body and mind will be in shock and could possibly reject the food (vomiting, etc.).  Be proud of yourself for doing this - it is not easy.

If you can, STOP weighing yourself.  Once you get your eating habits healthy again, THEN you can get back on the scale and start losing weight in a healthy manner.

Good luck!!  If you have trouble then you may want to talk to your parents about letting you see a nutritionist on a regular basis.  Getting over an eating disorder is not easy.

Sounds like another teenager having fun with y'all. Either that or a monumentally ignorant person. The only advice I'll give you is to please spell the word "lose" correctly. It's not "loose".

doliver442, if you have nothing to contribute, why post? She's a kid. That kind of sarcasm is inappropriate even if you were speaking to an adult.

Original Post by mellybean1:

eating 6 or 800 calories a day is extremely unhealthy and dangerous! You didn't lose much weight because your body was storing fat thinking it was starving! like amythestgirl said  MINIMUM of 1500 calories! your bmi is 19 which is fine for your age/height/weight so start eating before you end up in the hospital

Her body was more than thinking it was starving.  It literally was being starved.

Young lady, I know that anything I say will probably mean nothing to you and will make no difference, but you need to stop this nonsense and start REALLY taking care of yourself.

A healthy body should be the goal of anyone looking to lose weight, not what you are doing.  You are killing yourself by doing what you are doing.

When you up your calorie intake you are going to gain weight.  That is a fact!  And a good one, because I have a feeling that you are probably severely underweight right now.

Wake up and love yourself for who you are however you are.  Don't judge yourself by some arbitrary number on a scale.  That's self hate.  Don't do that.

I hope you come around.  I really do.  There is no joy in life when you don't love yourself.  Look for help.

With sincere concern and affection,


It's not unusual for a small, short teenager to diet to that extent and survive. It's not unusual to run into severe health problems when they do, but assuming it is impossible to survive isn't correct. Long-term, no. For a few months, yes.

Recovery does mean gaining weight, but it'll probably be mostly water, since dehydration is nearly inevitable with that tiny calorie intake. I'd actually suggest going a little above what you need at your height and weight to give your body the message that it can "splurge" on things like giving your brain enough energy to work, and your muscles enough energy to contract with something approaching normal force. (This is your brain on a crash diet. All of the confusion of being on dope, none of the fun. :P)

Don't eat anything high-fat right away; you are probably not ready to digest it. Eat simple, easy to digest things at first. Fruit is good. Bread. Pasta. Carbs, in general--they're the closest to energy and right now your body needs energy to repair itself. Yes, even if you're not underweight yet. Eat as though you've just had the stomach flu for two weeks and you're still recovering.

Actually, I'd go to a doctor if I were you. Say: "I've been on a crash diet and I don't feel so good..." and request a check-up. The doctor can make sure you haven't damaged yourself and recommend treatment if you have.

What is your goal?  I do think you should see your doctor and tell him/her what kind of diet you've been on and for how long.

At 16 years old, 5'3", 108 lbs is on the lower end of the healthy weight range for you.  When sedentary you should be using 1650 calories per day, up to ~2760 if you're very active.

By eating 400 and 600 calories per day you've starved your body.  You need to start eating enough now, not when you feel like it.  The longer you wait, the longer you'll prolong the torture of "I ate 200 more calories and gained a pound".  Once you've been eating enough 1500+ calories (I'd recommend 2,000 to start probably for a few weeks), you will probably gain about 5 lbs then you can consider lowering your calorie consumption to lose those 5 lbs in a healthy way but not to less than 1500 + %exercise.

I just wanted to chip in that I second what another poster above said about slowely increasing your cals -- I agree that's the best way to go. When I was still dealing with my ED, I once had a scary experience in ballet due to not eating enough and it really frightened me so I decided I would eat a lot more and I ate right for dinner, and I ate right the next day, and then I threw up. TMI, maybe, but I'm just saying that it IS smart to increase it carefully. Another example, maybe too extreme? After the holocaust, victims were given sugar cubes to suck on because it was too dangerous for them to eat. Those who were unlucky enough to not be aware of this DID die. This is a different situation though, and I really don't want to tell you "if you eat you will DIE!!" Obviously the opposite is correct, but the idea is to not put your body in shock, take it slowly (but actually do increase your cals, don't convince yourself that its ok to take your time by increasing by 100 cals every year..), and do try to get up to the right level as quickly as posisble. If you figure out your body can handle more calories at once, go for it.

And by the way, I think a few of the other posters' responses were completely uncalled for.

/end hijack

I think you should read the rules of the forum about posting.

I second everything smwhipple said above.

You need to increase your calories to no less than 1500 to 2000. I suggest you see a doctor as unmonitored refeeding after that much starvation isn't a great idea.

Gaining weight shouldn't be your concern. Your main concern should be avoiding the potential permanent damage you are doing to yourself: osteoporosis, heart problems, organ damage, tooth loss, hair loss etc.

We do not have the resources to help you on Calorie Count without your helping yourself to get professional help.

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  • Promotion of starvation diets or habits that exhibit signs of an eating disorder ("pro-ana", "pro-mia", etc.) is prohibited.


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