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can you have hypothyroidism and be slim?

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I have no trouble with my weight but I had anorexia years ago and I have gone up and down over the years, from 103 - 110, and this year I decided 112 - 115 for extra precaution. I can fall to 111 if I am not as hungry as usual, but every ones weight fluctuates.

My history of a low weight has messed up my thyroid. I had abnormal tests a few years ago but I forgot to follow it up. I recently got a blood test ordered and will have it done ASAP to check for thyroid function.

I have heard that anorexia and gaining/ then losing can mess up your thyroid and cause hypothyroidism.

I have a lot of the symptoms - cold feet and hands (hands actually turn blue and circulation cuts off so they cannot even turn a key or function. No exaggeration.)

So, does any one know how likely it is that my symptoms, and history could cause hypothyroid? And if I do have it, is it possible to maintain my weight or is it a time bomb - does having hypothyroidism inevitably mean I will start to gain weight easily or is it possible to have the condition and have no problems maintaining a slim/normal/healthy weight?

I definitely do not need to restrict so it does not appear that I have a slow thyroid/metabolism?

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I am hypothyroid, and I have been able to lose almost 50 pounds and maintain my healthy weight with ease since I've gotten on the proper dosage of medication. Not all people with thyroid disease gain like 100 pounds, my doctor said it's more like a weight gain of 10-20 pounds, so it should not be a huge problem as long as you get your thyroid tested regularly and take your medicine when you are supposed to.

So once I get the test results back, and if I AM in fact hypothyroid, then what does that mean in terms of my weight?

I have no problems maintaining my current weight of BMI of 19, so does having hypothyroid mean it is likely they I will gain weight?

If I have been able to maintain until now, I obviously will not gain weight immediately if the tests DO show I am hypo; it could mean that I may gain weight easier in the future though, is this correct?

If I continue to only eat as much as I burn, then how is it possible for me to gain weight?

I cannot imagine gaining 20 pounds, yuck. No offence, but I already have large breasts and a curvy figure as it is, at 5 ' 5 and 114 pounds, any larger is not comfortable and is too large on my body frame.

To gain 20 pounds, or even 10, wouldn’t I still need to eat more calories then I burn consistently?

Or does hypothyroid mean that there may come a time where I need to starve to maintain my naturally slim weight?

No, once you get on a proper dosage of medication, you should not gain weight with a good diet and exercise. But really, 10 pounds probably wouldn't make a huge difference in your health and the way you look at 114. But anyway, I am 5'6 and 119 and hypothyroid so a slim figure with thyroid disease can be done.

Weight gain in the future may come if your thyroid function continues to deteriorate, but that's why regular thyroid testing is needed if you have thyroid disease.

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What meds are you on for hypo, if you dont mind me asking?  I am hypo, and have been since 7/08(possibly way before cause TSH was 145.38 in 7/08 when I found out).  Anyway...watched what I have been eating ever since finding out.  Didn't exercise regularly because meds weren't tweaked to right levels yet, and working out hard and never seeing results makes me frustrated. 

I joined the gym in May, been going at least 5 times a week since I joined.  I went to Endo this past Monday and showed him the print out of when i had gone to the gym(the gym keeps the records).  He said "that's great, now we have to get you eating better/properly"...Most people who know me say that I never eat, or if I do I eat a portion size ment for a child.  Seriously, my co-worker said she'd call my Dr and vouch for me.  So he upped my dose of thyroxin from .112 to .125, but emphasized that I need to eat better.  A lady at the gym told me that because I am taking the generic Synthroid, that I will not lose weight (I've only lost 3 lbs of a mth of the gym which is serious weight training, and cardio...which I have missed 2x).  I have been reading "stop the thyroid madness" website...and they seem to promote Armour and natural thyroid replacement to ease thyroid symptoms

So you say that you have been able to drop, and maintain a decent weight.  I am 5'3 and 147, so I am a lil on the puffy side...tho I have never really been a thin person, the lowest I've ever really maintained is 135.  So are you on non generic thyroid meds, natural meds?


thanx for any feedback you can give me?


I actually recently switched to generic synthroid when I started seeing a new doctor who recommended it, and I've gained 4 pounds (up from 115), so maybe that could a factor in weight loss. But, I was on armour and was able to go from 165 to 115.

I think the real factor is just doing what's right for you though. Because when the thyroid is being regulated properly, and you are otherwise healthy it should not be impossible to lose or maintain your weight.

personaltrainer87: I've only ever gained while on too low a dose so I wouldn't worry about gaining if you get treated. If your dose is too low or you don't get treated you do gain as your BMR drops and this is the majority of calories burnt.

vdubbauvw: I'm on generic thyroxine as are a good few members of my family, (our hypothyrodism is genetic). The ones who are active and eat properly are thin the ones who don't aren't. My dad still has a 32/34 inch waste and he's 6 foot tall. He walks an hour a day and eats sencibly but nothing more. I think the whole Armour thing is hype, millions of people take throxine and if it didn't work a lot of us would be in commas.

HOw did you get your doctor to give you Armour?

I was diagnosised 6 months ago and started on levothroxine and have gained 20 pounds. I work out 4-5 days a week with a trainer and consume 1400-1600 calories. I now weight 165, so I need to lose 40 pounds because I am a small frame  5'6" person.

I have asked my dr to switch and she refuses, since My Last TSH level is 1.24

any Advise??

Hi personaltrainer87,

I don't know anything about hypothyroidism but based on your symptoms:

I have a lot of the symptoms - cold feet and hands (hands actually turn blue and circulation cuts off so they cannot even turn a key or function. No exaggeration.)

I have this problem also and mine even makes me scream and cry with pain  when the blood rushes back in sometimes.
I was very worried when this started happening to me and so I saw my doctor and he diagnosed me with Raynaud's disease:

Chronic condition in which the blood supply to the extremities is reduced by periodic spasm of the blood vessels on exposure to cold. It is most often seen in young women. Attacks are usually brought on by cold or by emotional factors. Typically, the hands and/or feet take on a corpselike pallor, changing to blue as the circulation begins to return; initial numbness is replaced by a tingling or burning sensation. Drugs may be necessary to control the condition, which in severe cases can give rise to ulceration or gangrene. se

I hope this info was helpful and good luck.

I am not on any medication - I only suspect I have hypothyroid. I had test done a few years ago when I had anorexia, and anorexia/ quick weight loss or gain can mess around with your body and it can cause weird results.

I also went off the pill - the particular pill I went off is the kind that ruins your body - if you are predisposed to hormonal issues, like I am, and you start on his particular pill, your body needs this pill for life and once you go off it your skin will develop sever acne, among other things.

SO my anorexia, combined with going off my pill could have possible caused my abnormal thyroid results. I forgot what the results were exactly but the doctor advised me to follow it up with another test.

THANKS so much for the info on that other disease - it is probably more likely I have that then hypothyroid.

If I had hypothyroid I suspect that I would have a harder time maintaining my weight - I would probably need to have 1300 calories or something low, where as I have min of 1600 and usually 1750 - 1900

So my last question is: I do not have to try extra hard to maintain my weight, therefore does that mean it is unlikely I have hypothyroidism?

Does having hypo mean that you have to try REALLY hard to maintain your natural weight?

For example; 112 - 115 is my natural weight for my body frame. If I have hypo, does that mean I will eventually have to work my butt off for over an hour a day of hard core cardio, and significantly reduce calories to something ridiculous like 1300, JUST to maintain my natural weight?

I would rather die than have to spend too much time at the gym and starve at 1200 calories. No offence, but it is no way for me to live. I do things I enjoy and like maintaining my weight through a normal amount of exercise. I am not a gym junkie - I like to simply aim for one hour a day of something.

No probs Smile

I only began suffering from Raynauds last year after I had restricted cals over a long time and I had gotten too thin and so I think you most probably just have this also if you have no trouble in maintaining your weight.

I think you should just get the tests done to put your mind at rest and I wouldn't worry about the effects of hypo until you are diagnosed.

Dont worry and let us know how you go!
Good luck!

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