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Hi All, I know there are a million posts about this already, but none are recent. I have hypothyroidism, was diagnosed a few years ago. Now am 27 and take my synthroid daily.

I have been trying to do some research online to become "healthier" along with my synthroid. I have read on a few sites that there are foods that are supposed to interact with synthroid (other than the calcium, iron etc that the sticker on my pill bottle says). I read a bunch of good stuff like cabbage, kale, broccoli, turnip, peaches and more are something you shouldn't conume, unless cooked well?

Also, I have been on GERD and ulcer meds for a few months and read online that you shouldn't take it with synthroid... something my Dr never advised me.

I read on someone else's post about soy products: I also read that you shouldn't consume soy, walnuts and more...? 

Does anyone actually know or have any substantial evidence lol? The internet is so full of crap and who do you trust!?

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Hi! I'm hypothyroid, and I take synthroid as well. 

I've heard that time of day when you take your pill is important. I was taking mine right before I went to sleep, as I read an article that suggested it could help with absorption. But I recently switched to taking it IMMEDIATELY when I wake up, and I'm noticing more energy throughout the day. 

I do avoid soy products, though, as they're supposed to be bad for the thyroid...

Anyways, I think a lot of it is what is in your system when you actually take it, because it's absorbed strangely. So morning is a good time, because you're unlikely to have broccoli for breakfast. 

Good luck!

Here's some information from the Mayo clinic: ism/AN00454

It's a controversial subject in the medical field.  Just to be on the safe side, I avoid eating anything with soy for about five hours before or after I take my meds.

What? YOU don't eat broccoli for breakfast... LOL. I used to take mine at night too and switched to morning, the only thing that sucks now is I used to take my vitamins in the AM and you aren't supposed to with it lol. Can't win :)


Haha. I have to take three meds at three different times of the day (some with food, some without food, etc). It's awful!! 

How do you avoid taking soy, it's in everything!!!  I tried to find food that didn't have soy, and it's almost impossible.  Can anyone find a link to a website that has a full menu plan and a variety of them for this condition.  It had gotten so bad I couldn't swallow. 

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