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Can being Hypothyroid mess up digestive system?

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Ok i know I post mostly about health conundrums - and if you are sick of them then please don't read them, but does anyone know about hypothyroidism and a potential messing up of the digestive system? I have many of the side effects of hypothyroidism, such as the digestive distress, lack of period, fatigue, weight gain - etc - and was wondering if anyone knew about this and how they reacted to hypothyroid medication such as Synthroid or Armour thyroid. I am seeing an Endocrinologist asap btw.

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Have you been diagnosed? Hypothyroidism slows down digestion and may cause a feeling of bloatedness/sluggishness and constipation, but if you keep your fluids up and watch what the types of food you eat it shouldn't be a problem? 

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I have no medical research to back up my statement, but, for me, I DEFINITELY noticed a breakdown (pretty signficant) after I developed hypothyroidism.  When my Thyroid was finally diagnosed my TSH level was at 105, yes that is 1-0-5, no decimal point included there.  I thought I was dying, literally.  After that it seemed like things went wrong straight down my body internally - acid reflux, stomach problems, Ulcerative Colitis and now Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

I don't know if it is all related to my thyroid blowing out, but it sure seems like an astronomical coincidence if it's not.  I have often thought about and can DIRECTLY relate my health problems to when my thyroid went bad.

My digestion has always been slow (or as long as I can remember). I have been hypo. for about 20 years now and maybe that has a lot to do with it, I don't know. I can tell you though that I can have 60 grams or above of fiber and over 100 oz. of water and there are still days that I don't go to the bathroom (sorry if that is to much info). Now with that much fiber and water one would think I would have no problem but I still do. I am on Synthroid too, and it has not changed anything.

cavaliers - ur thyroid was a 105? is that possible? OMG thank goodness u did not suffer any serious damage - i am hoping

irishmum - no i have not that is why i said in my post I am seeing an endocrinologist - but my physician said it is certainly a possibility

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Original Post by oink420:

cavaliers - ur thyroid was a 105? is that possible? OMG thank goodness u did not suffer any serious damage - i am hoping

 LOL, yes, you read that right.  The doctor told me the lab ran the test three times because they had never seen one that high before.  I was near a coma.  My voice sounded like I was talking underwater, my joints and muscles were like a 90 year old.  My periods were totally out of whack.  My toenails and fingernails were falling off - this was not painful, it was just like the adhesive was gone - I'd attempt to clip them and they just came unstuck, I had psoriasis and my hair was falling out.  My mind was almost totally non-functional.  Uncontrollable rage.  The list goes on and on.

My gyno finally diagnosed me and did a blood test - told me it would take a week for the results.  LOL, they called me the next morning and said it was an emergency that I take synthroid immediately.  From there I went to an endocrinologist.

I hope I didn't do permanent damage, but I have to say I've never been the same since then.  I notice it the most in my digestive system and memory.  I know people around me don't realize I'm not "normal" mentally, but, I notice a big difference in how I'm able to retain things and learn.  When I was in high-school and college I was a straight A student with very little effort, all honors classes.  In the last three years or so I failed the CFP test twice - now this is an excruciating test, but I've never failed in something like this before.  Also, I have to have task lists at work, and everyone thinks I'm super-efficient woman, but in reality, I don't remember diddly-squat and know I must rely on lists.

This was a very scary time in my life.  I had no clue what was wrong, I just knew I was falling apart.  The doctor told me at the time that a large percentage of people in comas actually have hypothyroidism.

In my case, I know exactly when my thyroid blew out.  I had a seering pain in my throat after one of the most stressful days in my life and couldn't speak for days.  I went to the emergency room and they could not find anything - now I realize it was my thyroid blowing up.  I asked the doc if they'd have to do surgery to remove it, but he said it's not necessary because it's shriveled up like a prune and it's like it's not even there.

I have hypothroidism and take synthroid and was told due to the hypothryroidsm I have a delayed digestive problem which I am having problems with can see a GI specialist and get reglan which helps alot

Original Post by oink420:

irishmum - no i have not that is why i said in my post I am seeing an endocrinologist - but my physician said it is certainly a possibility

 Oh, sorry,Embarassed some hypo's already see endocinologists regularly, thats why I asked? I hope you get it sorted one way or another?

Tammy, I definately have had bathroom 'issues' and despite loads of fluids/veg etc. it can still be 4-5 days before I go too, dspite my meds and my levels remaining stable! Its a 'bummer'- (pun intended! LOL!)

irishmum, yes it is a "bummer". My husband is just amazed that my body is that slow. You would think with all the fiber and fluids that we would not have that problem. Why? That's what I want to know. Is it all becouse of our Thyroid?

Hi there. I had a total thyroidectomy in January so I'm permanently hypo :( I do take Armour thyroid though.  I will say that before my surgery and even after, I still have digestion issues. I deal with bloating but the biggest issue is being constipated consistantly. You name it, I have done it to try to relieve this issue. Even getting in more fiber doesn't help all that much. I found that taking extra magnesium has helped quite a bit.  Besides this my biggest problem is trying to lose the 40 pounds gained after surgery. It's like trying to herd cats :)

Original Post by thedietqueen:

 It's like trying to herd cats :)

 PMSL!! I hear you!

Tammy, my doc said that the thyroid is like the body's engine and thyroxine is the oil needed for it to run efficiently- so when thyroxine is low/not right, then your engine won't run as efficiently? So I guess its just another of the 'Joys' of Hypo! Despite drinking gallons and eating my farmers market out of fresh veg! Laughing

My TSH is 246, and has been higher than that.  Having a real hard time getting it regulated and in the meantime I am having major digestive problems.  I have had thyroid problems for a long time and have also had digestive problems.  But none of my doctors have ever told me that the two are connected!  It is good to read these posts because I was beginning to think I had something major wrong with me!  I'll have to get after my Endocrinologist!

Heya folks, I'm sorry you've all gone through this and are going through it :(


I would agree with digestion slowing and hypo, got it too :P

Though there might be trigger foods you can add to your diets to help?

I can't digest cheese, so a big wedge of brie will act faster than any laxative I know (sorry if TMI)

Papaya is also great, it has certain enzymes which get the bowels moving.

There are also fiber supplements whicg you can add to drinks or something which I take, it's called movicol, mix it in water and it basically makes everything softer. So at least, when you do go, it's not really painful.

Sometimes an extremely spicy meal will do it too

Oh and citrus fruit in large quantities, things like pomelo in particular. In fact, I only eat pomelo when I need to go :P


I've had tum issues all my life but they got significantly worse after going hypo. Cos of all these above options, I've managed to almost stop any form of medication to "make me go"


Good luck and I hope you all find your ways of sorting it out :)


Edit: my endo told me digestion and hypo are linked as last september when we tried lowering meds my digestiom system just stopped. (comparatively) Which was a sign that the meds had gone too low and I was getting more hypo.

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