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Hunger pangs all the time (even just after eating)

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Hi all,

I'm not sure if this is the best forum to put this on, but maybe someone here can give me some insight.

I am hungry all the time. Hungry in the sense that my stomach hurts and growls. This has been going on for years and even if I am not counting my calories (I probably started counting on and off about two years ago). I am eating a healthy number of calories (between 1400-1700 on recommendation from my PT) though I was aiming for 1200 in the last two years (calorie counting on and off) before I realized that was too low just recently. When I'm not seriously counting calories, my intake is probably above the 1500 mark.

The weird thing is I am "hungry" even 10-15 minutes after I eat, whether it's a full meal or a snack. But then it will go away and I'll feel really full, and then hungry again minutes later. It's like a roller coaster of hunger. I don't understand it. Even if I have eaten a good amount of filling foods, I will go to bed hungry and wake up REALLY hungry.

Some info: I'm 26, 5'5ish, and 177lbs (Highest ~200 about a year and a half ago). I do not have a real history of ED, except when I was 13-15 where I was consciously trying to not eat to lose weight. But I wouldn't call it anorexia. I do not have a life-long history of being overweight and was actually quite athletic up until my early 20s. I gained 50-60 lbs in a very short period (about a year) after I quit doing speed every weekend and didn't change my bad eating habits to account for the change in metabolism. I generally eat pretty well now except for maybe a quarter of my calories on most days comes from junk food, chocolate granola bars, salted sunflower seeds, other unnecessary foods. I definitely do not get enough protein (but am working on it) and too many carbs, sugar, and sodium. I also just started exercising regularly a week and a half ago (got a gym membership), but this feeling is not related because it's been going on for a long time. Oh and I have no really serious medical issues (yet), but recently found out I am insulin resistant and likely have PCOS (periods every 6-7 months, but nothing of note on ultrasounds).

I can't imagine that I'm not eating enough because this feeling of "hunger" happens just after I eat. I'm not sure why I feel this way, but it is impeding my ability to stick to my calorie goals. I am extremely sensitive to my bodily signals (history of anxiety) and sleep issues that I'm told are because I'm misinterpreting the normal sensations we have as we're falling asleep. I'm not sure if this is another example of me misinterpreting my bodily signals - of digestion or something - or if anyone else is going through this too. Or if it's because I'm not getting enough of the right foods, or balancing my intake properly.

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story of my life~

OK. Because you mentioned anxiety I am going to suggest you see your Dr. and have your vitamin B12 level checked. Deficiency causes a lot of crap more serious but where it can be seen first is in anxiety, specifically stomach-related anxiety. So it might help.

I am "bored hungry" a lot but not real hungry.

I have the EXACT same thing as this... which is really frusterating because I am recovering and trying to get in touch with my hunger, but I KNOW this can't be real. Like I will eat a GIANT meal, and then be hungry after... not a mental hunger like a craving for sweets or something, but this gnawing hunger in my throat/stomach. And eating makes it better but then it returns again shortly after.

Ive been reading up on it an it may be a sign of GERD, or hypoglycemia. I'm going to my doctor soon so I'll let you know if I figure anything out... 

I feel the same way if I don't eat protien at every meal. I need 70 - 90 grams of protien a day NOT to feel like that. If I don't get the protien I just can't stand the hunger and eat everything in sight.

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