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Horrible acid reflux pain...

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I've been having acid reflux for a while now, but in the past few weeks it's gotten worse than ever. I get pains and get sick after pretty much any meal or snack I eat and I'm feeling bloated and having heartburn and stomach pains like never before. I don't know what to do and I'm really worried.

Has anyone else experienced this? Did you tell your doctor? What medications did you have to take?

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The first thing you should do is see your doctor - you don't want to mess with persistent heartburn, which could be a symptom of an underlying condition (GERD, hernia, ulcer, etc.)

I told my doctor that I had persistent painful heartburn that wouldn't go away with Pepto, Tums, or any of the "acid reducers" available over the counter.  I described exactly what it felt like and when I got it (after pretty much eating anything, and a combination of feeling like a hole was being burned in my chest and a huge lump in my esophagus that wouldn't go away).  

He was able to rule out an ulcer by examination, but also immediately scheduled me for an upper GI scan, which revealed that I had a hiatal hernia.  I was on Nexium for a while until insurance wouldn't cover it, and now I'm on Prilosec.

I have a lot of stomach issues that have been checked by a doc and I used to be on medication but it did not help. Mine is not so much the acid reflux but I have a friend who has it very badly and she is on meds but also has to pay attention to certain foods that cause it more. I agree with the other response to go to the doc. In the mean time do you notice it more with certain foods or times of day? I know you eat healthy from the posts but even healthy foods can cause flare ups in people. Like for myself beans my body can't tolerate. Fell better

Go see your doctor. A sudden increase in acid reflux can be a signal that all is not well further down the line in your digestion. And they will be able to tell you the correct dose / meds to take.

As for medications, the first thing they usually tell you to do is take prilosec daily. If that doesn't work, they'll tell you to take 2-4 prilosec a day (this gets expensive, as it's an over-the-counter med.) The next thing I got was 40 mg a day of protonix. This has worked to keep my acid at bay for almost 2 years. Before I took this, I would throw up all the time after eating, not like a bulimic, but mouthfuls of acid. The protonix has been a godsend, really.

Unless you've changed your diet recently (more acid-inducing foods, like tomatoes and coffee and soda) you'll want to see a doctor. When my acid increased, it was because other digestive organs were failing, and my body was trying to produce additional acid to break down my food.

I have had to struggle with AR all my life. When it started to really act up I went to see my doctor ,and had to have major surgery so my esophagus wouldn't rupture, so I would suggest you go see yours before sothing like this happens. I hope it's not that bad.

Definitely go to your doctor - could be something like heliobacter which can sometimes be treated easily or can be a signal of something much worse so it's best to get it checked out.

I have GERD. I've gone to the ER for acid reflux pain, and had to be carried because it was so bad. I take 40mg of pantaloc. It's the only thing that helps. Prevacid does nothing. Nexium does nothing. Tums I can eat by the bottle and all I get is a neutral stomach and bloating. Yuck!

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